Any recs for lunch on the Upper Upper West Side?

We’re spending a few days in Brooklyn etc. but will make a trip on our last day to Absolute Bagel on Broadway and 108th to pick up a couple of dozen to bring home. We have a friend at CPW and 101st and are hoping to meet her for lunch. Is there any place any one particularly recommends? New’ish would be nice but not necessary. TIA.

I enjoyed Kefi but have not been in a long time.

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Found Mezzogiorno which moved from SoHo. Sounds tasty. Especially the baked eggs.

The one in Soho is just meh. Lots of tourists eat in their outdoors sidewalk seating.

Take the train down to April Bloomfied’s new place. Just opened.

Thanks for the rec but not exactly “Upper UWS.” And I thought Mezzogriorno had closed downtown. No?

The places I like best in that neighborhood are Naruto Ramen and Taqueria y Fonda. They’re not new, and they’re not fancy. They’re good, though.

what exactly are your definitions of upper west side?

I think Pizzeria Sireneta is a pretty good spot. Solid pizzas, good pasta dishes and appetizers. It’s not as UWS as Absolute though. If you want to eat by Columbia (which is where Absolute is) your options are not good at all. I live here and I suffer. Thai Market is solid. There are some good African restaurants nearby. Good Ethiopian and Eritrean for the most part, then if you venture into Harlem it becomes more West African.

ps Macchina is good Italian around 106th and Broadway.