Any Special Tips on Roasting Pumpkin Seeds?

The ones from the jack-o-lantern.

simmer them in salted water for 10 minutes first – that gets rid of all the slime from the pumpkin guts and helps to infuse them with a little salt.

spread them on a dishtowl to dry, then toss in a little melted butter and toast.

They toast faster, don’t have all that crud from the pumpkin stuck to them, crisp up nicely, and taste better.



I always soak them first for slime removal, never thought to simmer. I recently had some health food store seed that were spicy, need to try that too

Spice good.

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Slow and low temperature roasting works better for me than high and hot. Helps make sure they are nice and dry and toasty, and less likely to burn as well.

I’ve followed this recipe a few times this season now and it comes out consistently good. Sometimes I’ll use a seasoned salt for a different flavor:

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