Anyone know why Mothers Market has a small amount of chicken but no meat?

If you’re not familiar Mothers is a 7 store chain in Orange County, CA. I haven’t been in our nearest one in a long time and it’s now doubled in size. I went today because I’d read that they have Ssdie Rose pretzel buns I’ve been looking for.

Anyway… it’s a pretty big store but the only ‘meat’ I saw was a small refrigerated end case will packaged chicken in it. No fish or red meat anywhere. I’m assuming they are know for being vegetarian but just thought it was odd that they’d have chicken but nothing else.

Anyone know the backstory?

They started off originally as one of the only large-scale health and natural food stores operating in Orange County. While first catering to vegetarians, they have since expanded to include organic, preservative-free and non-genetically modified foods. Their foray into meat offerings was only something a recent turn of events, after the original owner sold to a private equity firm (i.e., Mill Road Capital) that also owns Rubio’s.

I don’t know much about what would make chicken fit that strategy but not fish. Maybe red meat I can see not making the cut. I was impressed with the ‘wholesomeness’ of the selection there but surprised to see the chicken buried in the back, all alone.