Anyone still have and use a mortar and pestle?

If so, got a little secret.

It makes the beatest peanut butter.


A little secret. I don’t have one. I have an enormous molcajeta that I’ve never used. Maybe peanut butter!

I have a marble one that I mostly use to mash garlic and salt and anchovies together. Works good. Also can be used as a small mixing bowl, if all the others are dirty.

Or an ashtray.

Ah, the kitchen ashtray. If I had this one, I might be inspired to start smoking again.

yes, I use one for making pesto . The texture is far superior to the food processor , or blender . The only drawback it takes much longer to make but worth it.

I have two. Mostly I use the smaller one to pound garlic with salt for hummus or pesto. I pour some oil on top and let it sit for half an hour or more, that reduces the sharp bite without losing the pungency.

With the garlic prepared that way, I think a food processor is as good as a mortar and pestle for making pesto. I process the cheese, oil, and garlic until smooth, then pulse the leaves a few times to just chop them fine without liquifying them.

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If you enjoy cold Chinese Chicken Sesame Noodle, you owe yourself at least one of having this dish with sesame paste ground from a mortar and pestle. It makes the sesame flavor pop with so much vibrancy you will feel like you are testing sesame for the first time.

Also, stir-fry some peeled garlic cloves in hot oil, then have at it with the mortar and pestle. Just awesome with some soy sauce as a dipping sauce for steamed prawns or red king crab.

I used mine this week to make green bean goma-ae. It really gives the sauce the correct texture.

You, too, have a suribachi and surikogi?

I used to have them, but my suribachi developed a large crack, and I had to throw it away. On a recent visit to my parents’ house, they mentioned that my granfather’s set is still around, so I might get to have it.

I’m using a Sophie Conran mortar and pestle right now. It gets the job done, but a bit inefficiently. I’d really like to buy a molcajete though.

I was wrong, I actually have three mortar and pestle sets. There’s a large one I’m not sure has ever been used, plus a suribachi and surikogi mostly used for sesame seeds.

I love my suribachi and surikogi. Been making small batch peanut butter with it. I grind, add salt, grind some more, and just eat it out of the bowl.

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This works fine . Tastes great . But I still like the texture of the crushed basil leaves better than chopped . The best pesto I ever had was at ristorante Ciak in Moterosso .

Thanks for the tip, @ipsedixit! I’ve never tried making my own peanut butter, but it would totally make sense that you’d get the best consistency with a suribachi. I really should buy one again!

My green bean goma-ae is in the top compartment of the red, vertical bento.


Will you pack my lunch?

I pay. Well.

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Happy to oblige, but you might have to deal with Rilakkuma and bunny-themed jubako.

You made all of those?

Yup, I cook a variety of dishes to tide me over during the weekdays.