Anyone tried Ima in Beverly Hills?

We’ve been super excited about Ima, the sukiyaki and shabu shabu place by Yazawa in Beverly Hills ( However, except for a few yelp reviews, the has been no word about it.

Any FTCers tried yet?

I had no idea they were expanding. Then again I haven’t heard much about Yazawa for quite some time as well, is it doing well?

@CiaoBob has. But he’s trekking the wilderness in Japan right now. He’ll be back soon.

I have a reservation and am going soon; I’ll be sure to give my thoughts. I saw it when I visited Yazawa last month. Admittedly, I’m a bit curious about QPR relative to Yazawa (which I quite like).

For what it’s worth, Ima is a US branch of Imafuku from Tokyo, but I will confirm.

It is. thought the qpr was poor. Doesn’t look comma worthy.

We went last night as my wife and I have been seeking Tokyo-quality sukiyaki since our last trip. While it was rather pricey, we thought the quality was fantastic. Perfectly attentive service, full bar with wine, beer, sake, and nice selection of Japanese whiskey. Dinner portion was just right, but certainly not enormous.

Because of the nature of the cuisine, everyone needs to agree on either sukiyaki or shabu shabu. We opted for sukiyaki because of the aforementioned craving. We’ve made it at home a bunch of times, but it’s pretty hard to source anything close to the great Yazawa (Miyazaki prefecture) beef.

First course was thicker cut top sirloin (all cuts were top sirloin). Quickly seared in rendered wagyu fat, with a thickened soy sauce. With the Chef’s Choice course ($180), each person gets two of these.

Like all sukiyaki dishes, the cooked items are served over egg. Ima uses a lightly poached yolk, which was absolutely delicious. The egg is refreshed after pretty much every course.

Vegetable course. Shiitake, napa cabbage.

Thinner sirloin with onions (they told us they couldn’t source good Tokyo negi) and broiled tofu. Really delicious tofu!

Dessert. Panna cotta with Okinawan sugar and a few berries on the side.