Anything good in Hartford, CT?

My sister is driving down for a weekend to check out a school that she’s considering and I told her I’d look into restaurants. I’m not finding much other than red sauce and ethnic delis… Tangiers Int’l, Difiore Ravioli, Modern Pastry, Corner Grinder… the one “nice” place I’ve come across is Pond House Cafe. Everything else looks like family dining and corporate chains. Is the restaurant scene in Hartford deadsville and if so, what would be the closest “destination” city; New Haven??

What type of food are you looking for?

Good food! :smiley:

Anything at all. No criteria whatsoever. Preferably some place that doesn’t look like a suburban chain.

My oldest friend (not old :wink:) lives in Simsbury, CT., near Hartford. She’s going to think of a few places. When will your sister be there?

Thanks so much and to your friend as well!

I’m pretty sure she’s driving down from Montreal in about 2-3 weeks.I don’t remember exactly, but she did mention that roads were probably going to be crowded with weekend tourists because it’s supposed to be absolute prime foliage viewing, if that says anything. :slight_smile:

As mentioned, she’s interviewing at a University in Hartford and she’ll be driving down with my mom. I think they’re actually staying at the Connecticut River Valey Inn which is approx. 25 mins. outside of Hartford in Glastonbury, so anything convenient to either location or en route between the two would be ideal.

Thanks again to you and your friend; it’s very much appreciated!

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