Anything good near The Mint?

I’m heading to a show at The Mint on Saturday night. Looking for an early dinner before the show (6pm). Thanks for any suggestions!

Well, you have Ethiopian food right on Fairfax just north of Pico (a ton of different places). You have Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles on Pico near La Brea. Those are probably the main things that are right near by that are open late…

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Does it need to be a sit down dinner? If not, then how about Leo’s Tacos truck?

1515 S La Brea Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90019


Sit down would be preferred. I’ll be with my wife.
Tacos do sound good though!

Any intel on Sotto?

You’ll be 1/2 block from Awash Ethiopian; not much atmosphere, but the veggie combo and the #16 grilled chicken is my favorite.

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Sotto is great. Southern Italian. Go for the guanicale pizza, and the warm beets.


love sotto


Sotto good and there should be no problem getting in at 6:00 p.m. It gets really loud, but should be quieter then.

Love Buna Ethiopian on Fairfax - eat there at least once a week, but’s its a hole in the wall and you have to be into Ethiopian food.

Go to Sotto