Anywhere good to eat outdoors in Fresno?

I’m going to be there in the daytime and I’m looking for somewhere to have lunch. Literally any type of food anywhere in the city, so long as it’s good and the restaurant has outdoor seating.

I don’t have a ton of experience dining in so not totally sure how useful this will be, but I’ve passed through a decent amount. I like Zamora for pupusas, Ofelia’s (maybe now called Esperanza’s?) for Mexican, Hi Top and Valparaiso for coffee, Tioga-Sequoia for beer, and I’ve heard good things about Saigon Grocery.

Thank you! I went to Saigon Grocery. The exterior was a bit off-putting - boarded up windows with the ominous graffiti “God is watching you” - but once I was inside, I discovered a nice clean interior, friendly swift service, and one of the best banh mis I’ve ever had. They even made it without cilantro for me. I got the $9 everything extra and it served me for lunch and dinner. Absolutely delicious, great pate, perfect bread, fresh pickles, everything excellent.

You can’t actually eat outside (and given the general atmosphere I can’t imagine anyone wanting to) so I got it to go. Well worth it.

There’s an Asian market across the way which has a similarly decrepit exterior but a good selection of sauces, spices, snacks, and produce inside. I got some sauces and a package of taro cream wafer cookies, my addiction.

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