APL Restaurant

I’m so glad you posted this. I am putting together an itinerary for some young visitors that have never been to America. We can visit Hollywood Blvd. and have “real American BBQ” in one stop. :slight_smile:


Do we have a picture of the $50 sandwich on FTC?

Here are a couple of second-hand ones:

It’s probably the onions that make it so expensive…



brisket cracklings while you wait
wow these were so damn good

double beef chili dog - apl new mexican hatch chili with hand cut prime beef chuck, sweet onions, cheddar, pickled jalapenos
even though this was named “double beef” it didn’t taste very beefy. it was still very good, but the dog had absolutely zero snap, so it was like biting into a soft flaccid weiner. It would have been great with a snappy dog.

brisket (fatty)
this could have been more tender, i couldn’t pull it apart and needed a knife to cut it. i didn’t get much smoke or seasoning either and had to resort to bbq sauce.

beef rib, pork ribs, pulled pork

beef rib
Now this is what I remember APL serving at his awesome jimmy kimmel pop-ups and alex’s lemonde stand charity events. Meaty, fatty, and tender AF. It was so tender you could cut this with khloe kardashian’s dull personality.

pork ribs
another highlight, i really liked the peppery sweet rub.

pulled pork

serious sandwich - pit-cooked shaved dry aged prime rib, pickle salad, sweet onions, freshly grated horseradish
for @CiaoBob. damn they should really call this the salt, fat, acid, MEAT sandwich. there was a ton of meat in this (served cold?), i actually would have preferred more of the really good crisped, toasted bread (or less meat). they did use enough horseradish and pickles to cut through all the fat though. even with all the meat it was still tender enough to easily bite through and the sandwich held together surprisingly well for being so big. rich AF.

uni for scale


Ah, going back to the old Edo measuring standards. Me likey.

(Except they used bafun uni as a standard UNIt, not Santa Barbara murasaki uni.) :smiley:


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks. Nice report! So the best thing was the beef rib? :slight_smile:

And that Uni! :smile: Nice scale.


What happened to OOE?

This is useful! Now I know what to order (ribs) for the European guests. Did you order any sides?

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Where’d you get the uni?

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You mean you don’t carry around a piece of fresh uni gunkan nigiri in your pocket wherever you go, all around town? ;-D


I know, right?

Photoshop? Can’t be, it has a shadow. WTH?

@Bookwich carries kale around in her purse, I carry uni.


beef ribs, pork ribs, brisket cracklings, sandwich


Lunch heads,how long did your meal take? Can I bang this out in 40 minutes?

i got my food in about 20 minutes after ordering. there were three people ahead of me.

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My sides were the chili dog and $50 sandwich.