April 2020 Rundown

Here’s hoping there’s some fun stuff to post…

These were actually made yesterday by @SpockSpork, but I thought they’d be okay to include. Tasty raspberry scones. :slight_smile:


They look lovely!

Might @SpockSpork share the recipe?

He has it handwritten somewhere (from Cook’s Country, possibly). Will work on posting it. :slight_smile:


I am happy to! I got it from America’s Test Kitchen a couple of years ago. The baking times may vary a little for your oven, mine were a bit longer than the recipe suggested. Let me know how they turn out.

(Recipe attached)

(Attachment Mixed Berry Scones.docx is missing)


I attempted to attach the recipe in a Word document but the server didn’t like it so I’ve included it below:

Mixed Berry Scones

From America’s Test Kitchen 5/30/18

1 ¾ cup frozen mixed berries

3 T powdered sugar

3 C all-purpose flour

1/3 C sugar

1 ¼ t salt

1 T baking powder

12 T butter (cubed and frozen)

1 egg plus 1 yolk

¾ C plus 2 T milk

2 T melted butter mixed with 1 T honey for glaze

Cube and freeze butter a few hours ahead of time.

Heat oven to 425 degrees.

Toss berries with powdered sugar in a bowl and return to

Put all dry ingredients into a food processor. Add 6 tablespoons
butter and process thoroughly (15-30 seconds).

Add remaining butter and pulse about 10 times. Butter should
be pea-sized but no bigger.

Transfer to a large-ish mixing bowl, add berries to dry
ingredients and mix gently.

Whisk together egg, yolk, and milk in a bowl and add to dry
ingredients. Mix gently until just combined; there will be a good amount of dry
flour, that is ok.

Flour your counter and turn out dough onto surface.

into a rectangle about 12” x 4”. Cut into triangles and transfer to a lined
baking sheet.

Bake at 425 for 15 minutes. Remove and brush on the honey
and butter glaze.

Return to oven for 5-8 minutes until lightly golden.

Cool on pan for about 10 minutes before transferring to rack
or plate.


My takeout edition.

Some of this is March but I can’t be bothered to split this into separate posts at the moment - sorry! :slight_smile:

Republique pastries - that first one is a ube coconut tart! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

PRD gotten so Many things there now
Below is the coconut jam (aka kaya) they resell from Baryo

Silkie chicken broth

Lobster roll

Needle (RIP for now)
They really packaged and separated every dish with care

I hope they stay in business - the space is wonderful and bright and the staff was quite friendly - hopefully takeout gets them through this

Angelini Osteria

Sushi Ginza Onodera
Chirashi and appetizer plate along with dewazakura to go - we were celebrating quite a special occasion in the hospital :slight_smile: :smiley:
(PS the ankimo was as off the hook as when I ate it at the restaurant)

Aburiya Raku
Bento boxes x2
The sashimi plate isn’t from Raku per se - it’s from the fish distributor for a lot of our favorite Japanese restaurants :slight_smile:


Very nice and it’s a special celebration indeed for all her hard work! :wink:

Karasumi wrapped between daikon? You’re eating better in the hospital, than some people ever do in restaurants! Get well soon.

I wasn’t super hungry this morning, but between you and @PorkyBelly, I am now famished.


Red Medicine from Vespertine

Happy I preordered this as Red Medicine was before my time in LA. I’ve always had a great lunch at Destroyer and enjoyed my dinner at Vespertine. Though I’m probably the kind of person who would enjoy a meal like that.

Enough for two full plates with some leftovers.

Cortese came through! I’d been looking for a reason to open this bottle but was worried it might be too much of its own thing for this food.

Perfect. Effervescent and sweet/tart apples. Like a cider-armagnac-skin contact menage a trois.

Bavarian cream so so delicious.


when harry met porky


Those Harry’s strawberries are incredible. I forget which is the sweetest one, that everyone’s after. Seems to always sell out at the farmer’s market by the time I get there.



Thank you! I’m not going to forget it this time. By that, I mean I’m writing the name down.

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One Michelin Star (San Francisco) Wako, their value $36 chirashi and $15 makimono set

And Sushi Yoshizumi’s super delectable nigiri set


Is the food distributor selling these sashimi plates to the public? Can we the unwashed masses order?

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PRD x Ruby BBQ


That’s a good combo!

Ha- I for sure fall under that category, so yes; though I believe that it is temporary during these times.