April 2020 Rundown

Saw them last week at Bristol Farms in Yorba Linda. Waiting another week or two for the gaviotas if I’m paying $15.


Nature’s Produce is a wholesaler in Vernon that opened its doors to retail. I haven’t bought from them yet but I made a mental note of it because 1) they seem very conscientious about safety and 2) they’ve posted about carrying Harry’s Berries before (albeit almost a year ago).

When you go the the online shop it shows strawberries but doesn’t specify brand- might be worth calling and asking what they’re carrying.


Woah, awesome tip! Just logged in to their online ordering system and saw they have a bunch of stuff. Prices aren’t bad either. Thanks!!

Glad someone else is interested- if you use them please report back! I’m curious about all these wholesalers-now-open-to-the-public.


Bravo that is one nice mashup!

In case you missed this post I put up last week, not sure how many people saw it


I did, thank you! I thought about posting the two below places also, but didn’t want to distract. Not sure if it might be worth a new thread:

Rocker Brothers
West Coast Prime Meats

I posted about West Coast Prime Meats elsewhere and I’ve bought from them previously. Rocker Brothers I’ve not been able to buy from before but I’ve wanted to as purveyors of Beelers pork and Japanese A5 wagyu. I’m a bit full up on meat for the moment, though, so hopefully someone else will give it a shot!




Continental Sausage and their retail brand CharcutNuvo now doing free shipping to Western states on any orders over $65. They also supply Costco.

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Papilles (Hollywood) is offering lots of beer and wine by the bottle, as well as a damn fine (and at $20, very reasonably-priced) takeout rendition of the classic coq au vin! You must heat it up at home, but it’s so easy and delicious… Just solid ingredients and great cooking. You get two Jidori chicken thighs braised in red wine with bacon lardons, mushrooms, confit fingerling potatoes, caramelized cippollini onions, and glazed carrots. Pandemic be damned - this was one of THE most satisfying dishes I’ve tried so far in 2020. The baguette is $4 extra, and comes par-baked (I recommend finishing it at 400 degrees in the oven for 11-12 minutes). On a cold rainy night, the freshly finished bread, along with a warm serving of Papille’s cauliflower velouté ($10/pint) make a wonderful prelude to the main star that is their coq au vin. Quel magnifique!


Wow that sounds amazing

Sushi Yoshizumi’s latest iteration of the bara chirashi has improved drastically, as Akira san iterates and had time to get more comfortable with this format in the past month to see what works best for it. Detractors unfortunately nit picked it for the pricing during these times (nobody is forcing people to buy them) or did so out of other personal petty vendettas… (aka people being people), but those willing to persevere are treated to heaven in a bowl that is super versatile with not just sake, but also with White Burgundy (which normally is not a good pairing for dine in), and doing their best to help keep a small business afloat which is the main goal at the end of the day.

This time round that I didn’t have last time: Hokkaido uni, nama ikura, ni tako, botan ebi konbu jime, straw smoked sawara, ebi oboro, Japanese saba, ni hotate and something that had the texture of tairagai. Contents depend on availability. It’s a downsized extended omakase in a bowl for sure but the satisfaction level is still very high.


Haven’t been to Papilles since chef Tim Carey left (yes a long time ago). Used to be one of our favorite spots. Good to hear they’re still putting out good food. I may have to give this a try as I love me some coq au vin and haven’t really been able to find a good version in LA.

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A few items of note over the last few days:

Partner and I have been watching “Confucius Was a Food” (a bit of a strange show, but generally enjoyable), and the host had “squirrel fish” (representing Jiangsu [?] cuisine) in one episode. We were looking to get diff dishes than we’ve had at Gu Yi previously, and we saw “squirrel fish” and ordered it on a lark. Not the greatest idea b/c deep fried fish smothered in sauce isn’t going to travel well (although it was excellently packed). Would be willing to try it when we can dine-in (and ask for sauce on the side?).

Finally tried Pearl River Deli. Drive time was literally 16 mins (!) from eastern Santa Monica. Just as delicious as everyone says. And, yes, the bowl really could use a few more squirts of the great sauce on the rice.


Finally got a chance to get the Shunji Deluxe Bento. Fantastic!

Tried the Kokuryu Kuzuryu daiginjo to go. Drank it out of a burgundy glass cold and heated up - thanks for the advice @beefnoguy I think I need to try more of this warm sake drinking (with the right ones) to keep expanding my palate.

Also hit the Dialogue pie fest - the hunters pot pie was outstanding, as @PorkyBelly mentioned. I couldn’t resist taking a bite of the cheese cake before taking a picture.

Iki Ramen this is their tai ramen with scallops to go, also got a yuzu shio ramen along with two bentos (one kakuni and one miso cod). Delicious and generally reasonably priced.


Looks great.
I would like to show the Iki team a little love during this time.
Does Iki have a To-Go COIVD menu posted anywhere?


@PorkyBelly beat me to it, but I would add that you can also call to check to see if there are any additional items. The yuzu shio ramen and tai ramen I ordered were not on Caviar, so I did a phone order. No guarantees given the skeleton crew right now, but just fyi.


Where is the aburiya raku menu? Their website seems to be down I loathe using the delivery services.

I think this is the one