April 2022 Rundown

Am I the only who didn’t know that Ikea Burbank does test tasting???

Partner and I were there this weekend (which is how we hit up Gorilla Pies afterward), and, while trying to exit, an employee asked us if we wanted to try a new food item. Sure!

It’s a vegan meatball. There is a certain meatiness to the chew. Taste-wise (but not texture wise), maybe halfway btw a veg fritter and an animal meatball. The lingonberry sauce was really strong (and a pleasant accompaniment); I should’ve tried a portion of the meatball alone. It was actually rather enjoyable. I would’ve purchased a bag, but partner and I were pooped once we made it to the exit and wanted lunch.


I think I need a nap…I read that you and your partner needed to poop once you made it to the exit… :expressionless:


Oh, depending on the day and time, your reading may not be incorrect, actually. But TMI and all that stuff. :poop: :wink:





Bar at Kato

Milk bread with kombu butter and Astrea kaluga caviar + sea urchin donut with Iberico ham and brown butter + bamboo bocktail

Horse mackerel with tosazu

Amberjack collar with fermented Fresno chili + 2017 pinot noir from Domaine Jean Vaudoisey
(Don’t forget to add caviar and torn up milk bread)

This next drink is their Five Spice Shandy from the Non-Alc section. I asked Kevin and Austin if they would create an alcoholic version for me. They subbed Gold Medal for the Non-Alc Amber Ale and added a Forthave Red floater. Delicious! I totally recommend seeing if they’ll do this in the future.

And the Sloe Gin Fizz!! This is a two part drink. It takes ten to fifteen minutes for the fizz to set so they offer you a little pace car while you wait.

Charter Oak
@moonboy403 this one’s for you.

I hadn’t been back here since they opened in 2018. We wanted to try this new spot Animo in Sonoma but the timing didn’t work out. So Charter Oak it was!

Mai Tai Milk Punch with ginger tea infused rum, cointreau, orgeat and lime

Charter Oak bread with house cultured butter + stracciatella with olive oil, sel gris and black pepper

Raw vegetables from our farm with fermented soy dip

Eggs from our chickens with Seth’s bottarga (Seth is a bottarga guy in Florida)

Aged beef chuck tartare with spring onion, ember mayo and milk bread

Super Bite! with tartare, stracciatella and bottarga

Salad of little gems with finger lickin’ miso caesar

Drum wheat bucatini with clams, cover crop and chili condiment

Oyster mushrooms with shallot & garlic confit

Pineapple Penicillin with Siete Misterios, avocado leaf gum, ginger and lemon

Kohlrabi with pestled mustard greens

Smoked beef shortrib with saba of cabernet grapes
Shoulda taken a picture of the tendon off the bone! delicious

Grilled chicken with black garlic BBQ sauce

The Cheeseburger with hand-cut French fries

Pavlova with rhubarb jam and Tenbrink olive oil custard + soft serve with burnt vanilla and wild pecan oil + coffee

This spot caught my eye as soon as it opened.

We shared a bottle of Den Nama Genshu throughout

Cured Bodega rockfish with fermented radish, chilies, sorrel and lime

Stemple Creek beef tartare with Niitaka pear, pine nut, buckwheat and egg

Toasted sesame & scallion roll with nori butter + roasted Star Route carrots with dates, honey and sunflower

Super Bite! with carrot and tartare

Coal roasted turnip with market vegetables, peanut, ash and Koda rice + Liberty duck confit, noodles, wild leeks, peas and parmesan + smoked Half Moon Bay black cod, sunchoke and lemongrass

Fuji tart tatin with cultured cream + peanut butter, shared cultures cacao nib miso cake slice

Zuni Cafe
@Catholiver this one’s for you!

Oysters and Clams

Piracicaba broccoli and Manila clams a la plancha with butter beans and toasted breadcrumb salsa

Yellowfin Tuna grilled rare with asparagus, Red Lasoda potatoes, Tokyo turnips, and blood orange salsa verde

Chicken for two roasted in the wood-fired brick oven over warm bread salad with scallions, garlic, bitter greens, dried currants, and pine nuts

Orange blossom panna cotta with candied kumquats and honeycomb candy

Espresso granita with whipped cream

B Patisserie
Can anyone guess the car seats?

Bi-Rite Creamery

Spent a day in Half Moon Bay, had lunch at Sam’s Chowder House


Now I wanna try it next time I go up!

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Yeah they’d been open T-Su for a bit but switched to W-Su and we didn’t realize until that Monday lol. We were in the area on Tuesday hoping to stop in. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to check it out

It was nice being back at Charter Oak though, no complaints there


@butteredwaffles, wowsers! Epic post!

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No fries at Zuni Cafe?

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Over how much time did this occur???

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@RedDevil thanks! :sunglasses:

@js76wisco :sweat_smile: normally yes but this wasn’t the main meal of that day :rofl: we regretted it when the table next to us got their order

@catholiver Kato was the other night. The rest of my post was over the course of five days, and it’s not everything lol!!


This is all I got…

Cocktails at the The Belmont (La Cienega) - Hot Mango Love (absolut mango, oj, simple syrup, lemon juice, jalapeños) & an Old-fashioned

I dug the Hot Mango Love, but hubs was disappointed with the small, watery ice cubes in his old-fashioned.

Happy Friday!


This deserves repeating. Please tell me this dessert was as good as it looks…


I sadly pass by their supposedly new but perennially empty locale on San Vicente / Miracle Mile. Does anyone know what’s up with the opening?

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I was always led to believe that even non-certified-organic sellers at Farmers Markets are all pesticide-free. But! When Tapia Brothers stopped selling at BHFM I trekked out to the Valley for some of their delicious corn and heard a worker say they do spray their fruits & vegetables. Not sure if that applies to the corn, as I have occasionally found a live, nestling, green wiggler, but it does give me pause. :thinking:

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So good.

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My guess is Hyundai or Kia.

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:joy: it’s toyota!

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