Are You Ready For A Chinese Restaurant Specializing in Chicken Broth?

Ready or not, it’s here. I guess this is the great thing about being in Los Angeles, that we’re getting to experience so many things found under the Chinese culinary sun. Technically, Broth is a specialist in chicken essence, Instead of boiling chicken bones they go through some kind of process to extract the chicken essence out of a sealed container that is heated for eight hours. Anyway the place was packed with people both ordering dishes off of their chicken broth menu (due in part to limited seating) and waiting in line to buy 10 packs or 30 packs of chicken essence ($100 for a 10 pack, slight discount for 30 packs). Amazing how fast those boxes of chicken essence flew out of the refrigerator case. On the lunch menu you can get an entree with a small bowl of chicken broth or large bowl of soup (e.g., sesame chicken broth with a couple of drumsticks) with a couple of sides, for roughly $10. Seeing how busy they are it wouldn’t be surprising to see a bunch of copycats pop up. But as far as the product is concerned, Mrs. Chandavkl likes to buy an occasional Foster Farms chicken, cut off the meat, and then boil the bones, and her broth is just as good. However if that’s too much trouble for you (which I think it is) and you like fresh chicken broth, then head out to 20265 Valley Bl. in Walnut.


Haven’t been in a couple of months. First time I went was around the beginning of June and there wasn’t many people there. Guess the hype finally picked up.

I remember the price of the ones in singapore n hk (eu yan sang, brands) being around $3-6 per 70g bottle… wonder how long they can sustain $10 per pack

How does this compare to homemade chicken soup from Po Po’s from Chinatown to Walnut to Irvine to SF??

This is pretty interesting to me.

i’ve been curious to see how the place will fare. if successful, i will applaud the shrewdness of the founder.