Asian Food / Sake / Herndon, VA

This may be a long shot. I would like to get a gift card for my hubby’s work associate who lives in Herndon and likes Japanese food & Sake. Any great Asian food will do actually. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just yummy and takeout friendly. Any suggestions?

Here’s one that might work

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Oh this looks great. I was striking out and about to resort to a boring Amazon gift card. I’m going to check out the address to see what the delivery range is. Thanks!

Just messaged them! :crossed_fingers:t4:

Hi @Sgee!

I wanted to give you an update.

Saund & Snyder had stopped doing the Bentos for the season and were just doing boxes of darling looking Macarons decorated for the holiday. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cutoff for those. So we were going to wait and give her their new savory box (not bento but yummy looking) as a New Year’s gift. But! They don’t deliver to her area and we didn’t want her to drive 30 minutes to pickup a gift. We ended up giving her a Food52 gift card. But the folks at Saund & Snyder couldn’t have been nicer. :hearts: Here’s their IG link in case anyone in the area is looking for something unique & yummy.

Here’s the Food52 link. Much nicer than a Amazon GC.

Thanks for your help! I appreciate it!


Ah bummer

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It’s ok. It’s still good info for any food talkers who might live in the area.

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