Asian Garden Mall Night Market Little Saigon - Cho Dem Phuc Loc Tho - Bolsa

Starts tonight!

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How are the lines last year?

IIRC, this doesn’t have really long lines. It can be crowded becauses it’s just the front parking lot of Phuc loc tho plaza don’t remember dealing with lines. Also because it’s recurring 3 day week for entire summer.

The longest line last night was for the squid (and that green sauce!!) ($8/ea), and I made it thru in about 10 minutes. Everything else seemed to move quickly. Lobster starts at $10/small this year, and that line was less than 5 minutes for me. There were multiple meat skewer vendors, and one in particular had a long line, but I had had my fill and didn’t wait to get any skewers, so I don’t know how quickly it moved.

Last night there were fewer vendors than last summer, but there also looked like spaces where vendors were intended to be. I’m hoping there are a couple more to be added as the event ramps up.


Thanks for the update!

I will probably swing by in the next couple of weeks. 5-10 minutes is not long at all.

Any balut sightings?

You eat that? No, you don’t, you’re just being funny. Right?

Yes, balut / hột vịt lộn is back! I didn’t partake last night, but I think it was the same vendor as last year.

I totally do. It’s tasty!

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You don’t have to eat the baby duck and balut comes in various sizes of uh development. The yolk/juice is delicious.

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Of course, any thing that moves.


Just came back from the first night of Weekend 2; a couple more vendors were set-up compared to last Friday. Crowds were larger, but lines still weren’t that long. Found the Bánh Tráng Nướng vendor this time! Quite good. It’s like a Vietnamese quesadilla.

No rolled ice cream this year, but there’s a vendor with a giant HALO HALO sign near the entrance. There are also dueling Chè vendors, and I tried the new one, Bobaland, this evening. While flavor was good, their jellies are too big for even their large straws, making it was harder to enjoy. Go with the other vendor, the one also selling potato spirals.


Banh Trang Kep is not a common dish to find in Little Saigon. That is probably my number one dish to try.

The Bot Chien looks great too.