Asuka Westwood - has anyone tried?

I was walking on Westwood Blvd just south of Ohio and noticed this very authentic looking place, called Asuka. Inside there is a beautiful wooden counter for about 15-20 people and no tables. The menu posted on the door lists several options for sashimi, appetizers, and larger courses, as well as $150/pp kaiseki dinner.
I have never heard of this place? Does anyone have any experience?

They’ve been there forever. Went there in the 80s or 90s. Well discussed in the previous decade on the predecessor board. Like any longstanding restaurants it’s had its ups and downs so who knows what point it might be at now.

Actually, the old Asuka from the 80s & 90s has moved, with the location since replaced by Fresh Corn Grill as the current tenant. The move occurred around 2014-2015, IIRC.

The “new” Asuka now inhabits the space occupied by the former Cosmo (just south of Bristol Farms), but still on Westwood Blvd. This new Asuka iteration has also new management, with new Chef Kenichi Yamamoto at the helm. They offer a $150 omakase.

I’ve been there for lunch. Based on my lunch experience, I’m not sure I’d wanna part with my 150 bones for dinner there.

But if anyone goes for dinner, please report back!

Appreciate your comments. Not sure I want to part with my $150 either.

asuka is excellent…best neighborhood sushi ever!
and we eat a lot of sushi.
both sushi chefs are excellent, fish always fresh.