Atomix - Chef's Counter

this place deserves three stars. worth a special journey, highlight of the trip.

horse mackerel, nuruk cookie, monkfish liver

pen shell clam, tapioca, cauliflower

amberjack, minari, cherry blossom honey, kristal caviar

king crab, mustard, buchu, dashima

sea urchin, beetroot, gim rice, cabbage

red seabream, spinach curry, foie gras

aehobak, shrimp, black apple

langoustine, potato sujebi

king oyster mushroom, shrimp jeotgal

turbot, chungju, burdock

mustard kimchi, squid, 'nduja

wagyu striploin, sam namul, perilla

songyi mushroom rice

jochung, squash, dubu

sunchoke, birch wood, bee pollen


@PorkyBelly It was my favorite meal in NYC this year :two_hearts: Atomix came back strong in this wave!!! They deserve a lot more.

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Looks absolutely amazing :heart_eyes: definitely agree they deserve three stars!! I’ve been a few times now and the menu has been completely different each time yet consistently delicious and wildly inventive. And of course the service and general atmosphere is top notch, every little detail so well thought out. I’m gushing but for me it’s the best restaurant in nyc hands down, over all the 2 and 3 stars I’ve been to - certainly over le bernardin / per se / emp and i would argue ctbf as well!


Have you been to Naro or know anyone who has?

No unfortunately! I do want to go eventually though

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