Atomix - Nomad

@PorkyBelly @BradFord just book it. Bonus, no dress code


Thanks for all the pictures! Are those a lot of slices of black truffles I see?

Yes, I ordered the truffle supplement.

That looks amazing! Ty for the pictures. I’ve heard about the menu cards but it’s very neat to see what’s actually written on them. The soondae bit is super interesting.

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The cards were very handy for reference, lots going on in each plate esp. with some ingredients I’m not familiar with. Very thoughtfully written.

Pics from a Monday pop-up collaboration dinner with Chef Ho Young Kim (former exec chef @ Jungsik). He’s opening his own place this summer, will be located somewhere around Union Sq.

A few highlights. The excellent dessert was prepared by Jungsik’s pastry chef Eunji Lee


That looks fantastic. It wasn’t quite open last time I went to nyc; I’ll have to visit next time, for sure. I enjoyed Jungsik, and this looks similar but l even with a different style. I also am a big fan of Eunji Lee’s desserts.