Attari Sandwich Shop (Westwood)

Warrior: I had never made it to Attari in my 14 years in LA, and I was happy to finally try it. I think it is average-at-best Persian food, but I still recommend it. I liked that everyone around us was Persian American; it was a good cultural experience. Also, I can’t discern many differences among Persian restaurants from the 20th to 80th quality percentiles; they’re all good.

Peony: First time visiting Attari. It was located in an area with many Persian shops and restaurants. This cute restaurant had a small patio, and we sat under a red umbrella (as the photos reflect!). I liked all the dishes, particularly the chicken koobideh. I found the chicken very flavorful, as well as juicy and tender. The barberries in the rice were of the right amount of acidity and brightened the whole dish. Overall, very nice experience!


Did you have the Osh or the tongue sandwich? Along with the Ab Goosht on Fridays, those are the can’t miss. The other stuff I could take or leave.

Anyway, appreciate the post!


Warrior: I’m not going to be eating any tongue (Peony?), but we will try the osh next time we go. Thanks for the recommendations!

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It’s OK if you don’t try the Attari tongue sandwich (but that, along with the Ash, are the most popular items at Attari); their chicken olivieh sandwich is also quite good. For koobideh & polo combos in that area (Tehrangeles), you’ll find better plates at nearby Flame, Shaherzad or Shekarchi.

Bang Bang across the street at Saffron Rose. The cucumber and orange blossom ice creams really hits the spot on a hot day.


My go to order at Attari is the chicken kabab sandwich. It takes 10-15 minutes as they grill the kabob to order. Killer!

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Warrior: we did go to Saffron Rose too. I thought it was excellent. I really liked the floral flavors, especially lavender, which was remarkably strong and legit tasting. Peony thought it was too strong and preferred jasmine. Our friend liked rose best.