August 2017 Weekend Rundown

While wondering when Southern California became Hawai’i …

That’s okay, as long as the opposite never happens.

Went to have dinner at Westside Tavern last night. Word has it that a gas leak set off the sprinkler system - not exactly sure where in or around the restaurant.

We entered off Westwood Blvd (back of the restaurant/mall) so we didn’t notice anything until walking up to the entrance - locked up. Fire Dept was there in spades on Pico. But Westside Tavern obviously wasn’t taking any more eaters.

We ended up crossing the street to Chilli Thai. Food was actually pretty good for basic Thai. Spice levels are higher than one would expect for this area (good pad ki mao), and curries are substantial - not the water stuff that is standard at most Westside Thai places.

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Haven’t been to Maui lately, huh?

Shhh… don’t be outing my secret convenient Thai hideout, now.

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Yeah, it’s kinda feelin’like the OC 20 years ago. So we still have 20 years…

About 3 weeks ago my better half was seeing Wonder Woman at the Landmark and there was a mass evacuation of Westside Tavern and the Theater and the mall - quite scary in these times of course.
She later was told a prankster pulled an alarm.
But it was all shut down for a few hours - the cost to these businesses, on a busy summer weekend night, is hard to fathom.

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Hmm, maybe it’ll be a Hawaiian dinner tonight.

Too bad you can’t make that person be financially liable.

Geez - sucks. Gotta wonder if this wasn’t coincidence. We got there before 7PM and the place was almost cleared out. That had to be painful business-wise as well.


In-N-Out, Ol’ Faithful of Fast Food Chains

Lemon Pepper Fries. Squeezed like 6 lemons and 6 packs of black pepper.

Double Burger. Extra Raw Onions and Extra Chopped Chiles. Add some whole chiles as well. I like this. I should have added extra whole grilled onions.

And I don’t feel gross afterwards



Brent’s Northridge of course…


Wonderful meal at Milo & Olive. Those garlic knots are one of my favorites.


Pizzeria Mozza


House NV Rose:


Because it was a Rose kind of day (thankfully it’s cooling down slightly)…

Insalata Rossa with Bacon, Egg & Pecorino:



This was a bold, big flavor Salad: I love bitter greens, so the Radicchio was perfect, providing a bitter, vegetal note to every bite, but it’s balanced out by the slight fattiness from the Semi-Soft-Boiled Egg, and the fresh, fried bits of Bacon (still crispy!), and the funk of fresh grated Pecorino Cheese. :slight_smile:

Napolitana: Tomato, Mozzarella di Bufala, Olives, Anchovies, Chilies & Fried Capers Pizza:




Pizzeria Mozza remains unique in their own style of Pizza. Taking a bite, it still has that delicious crunch in the crust. The Anchovies worked surprisingly well here: Its inherent pungent ocean quality shockingly balanced and mellowed out by the Tomato Sauce and Olives.

Fennel Sausage, Panna, Mozzarella, Red Onions & Scallions Pizza:



My favorite Pizza on Mozza’s menu, I love their Housemade Fennel Sausage - it’s fragrant, aromatic, almost slightly sweet, but still meaty and savory - and then accentuated by the Scallions and Red Onions, and that lovely crunch from the crust that’s Mozza’s signature. :slight_smile:

(@lapizzamaven have you tried any of the new pies on their menu? Any recs?)

Pizzeria Mozza
641 N. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: (323) 297-0101


Casual weekend and ended up doing some Hawaiian food after all.

Friday - Gardena Bowl for their short ribs plate. We enjoy the old school feel of this place. Bonus, nice cold ac throughout the place, including the pool hall.

Saturday - Pseudo bang bang. Gus’s fried chicken, then takeout down the street from Angry chicken. We got some chicken wings and popcorn chicken bowl. Relaxing in the backyard with friends while noshing made for a great summer night.

Sunday - Ray’s bbq in between errands. Finished off with Fosselman’s ice cream later in the evening.

Only remembered to take a pic at Ray’s


Hi @Jase,

What do you like at Ray’s BBQ? How would you say it compares with the other top BBQ around LA?

Caveat, I do find them a touch inconsistent. Never bad, but when they’re a bit off their game, it’s just solid not outstanding. That said, what I like the most are the brisket, sausages and pulled pork.

The bark on the brisket is good, the meat tender. He gets his sausages from Elgin and prepares them well. I’m not a pulled pork expert and generally can take it or leave it. But I do like how juicy and well prepared their version is with the bits of dark burnt outside that comes with every portion.

I consider them above Horse Thief and Holy Cow. Below Big Mista, Bludso and Maple Block. But other than those three, I’d happily get the brisket and sausage from Ray’s any time. However, the last two times I was at Bludso’s at the Proud Bird, their brisket was well short of what I had on Sunday at Ray’s.

Ray’s ribs are average at best compared to top LA places. The smoke and tenderness doesn’t quite get there for me. Bludso’s ribs at Proud Bird was hands down better than what I had at Ray’s.


This is my order at Rays. Especially those jalapeño cheese sausages.

The ribs are meh. I would pass on them.

I usually get two pounds of brisket and 6 jalapeño sausages.

Sides are meh but I’m really at Rays for beef fest.

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Lemon pepper fries is brilliant.

Was in Manhattan Beach twice this weekend for the Dwight Crum 2 mile pier-to-pier swim. On Saturday we went to pick up my timing chip and swim cap. Some friends were supposed to come to hang at the beach, but since parking is a clusterf*ck there, they got frustrated so we decided to meet at Grimaldi’s for a late lunch.

We ordered the Brooklyn Bridge pizza which came with ricotta, sausage, and roasted red peppers.

After the swim on Sunday (which took me 10 minutes longer than last year 'cause of a pretty strong current against us), we went to Rock N Fish since it’s one of the closest restaurants to the pier. All the empty tables were for reservations but we didn’t mind waiting so we were comped some free drinks. My wife got the Hot and Sweet BBQ Shrimp which was a little odd because the sauce was indeed really sweet. I chose the Lobster Benedict. The lobster was pretty flavorless, but the breakfast potatoes were really good.


Yup! at Ray’s, just the Brisket for me, sometimes the sausages.