Ayara Thai

I don’t get the hype. It’s okay, but seemed like pretty average Thai food to me.

The beef was over-cooked, the chicken in the larb was horrendously dry, and everything kind of tasted the same.

We ordered spicy larb, and medium beef kapow. The larb was crazy spicy, but very one note. It tasted like they added a bunch of powdered chili at the end, there was not not an actual chili pepper to be seen.

The “medium” kapow beef had no spice at all, and did not have ground or diced beef (as the menu described), just the usual thin slices you find in average Americanized Asian restaurants

The chicken wings were nice and meaty, the spring rolls crispy, with a flavorless generic filling, and the rice was dry, though fragrant.

We didn’t order the noodles, so not sure what they are, they were average.

Has anyone else eaten here? It’s always being talked up in lists and food media.


Ayara is/was good for the area. My experiences have been better than yours in general. But they’ve been off as well. They’ve gotten crazy-busy over the years and seem to not really need anyone’s business anymore (just my venting).

They used to be very personable at the counter - we almost always do takeout. Not that they’re rude now, but they are indifferent at best. I’m not looking to propose to anyone there, but they are not the same Ayara of 10(?) years ago. Not even a thank you on my past couple of visits. In Thai culture, polite and cordial is a given. They don’t seem very Thai to me anymore.

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Our family hasn’t gotten the hype/glowing Yelp reviews for years. It’s in my mom’s neighborhood, but we’ve come to the conclusion that there is no decent Thai food in the area and generally avoid. That said, any recs for decent Thai food near Westchester?

I like Ayara, especially those chicken wings, and wouldn’t hesitate to send someone there if they were looking for someplace good near LAX. But I’ve noticed the food media attention you mention, as well as the crowding @bulavinaka describes, and been a little mystified myself.

A friend even told me he thinks it’s the best Thai in LA. I almost choked on my drink when he said that. Then I politely urged him to check out Thai Town lol.


Ayara Luk is pretty good - Westside prices though.

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fwiw, i like their prik king.

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imho, ayara is the best thai near westchester.

all the others in that area suck, imho


I don’t know. We all keep trying different places, but go back to Natalie Thai. Even if they can be annoying, the food is properly cooked and spiced. I’ve never had dry meat or undercooked vegetables there.

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Ayara Luk is really fantastic. Prices are higher but damn the space is pretty cool, like a restaurant in a fancy Bangkok mall.

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I liked most of the dishes, but stay away from their fusiony flatbreads. One of our group wanted it - the duck - and it was a fail.

Nice writeup on Ayara Luk on Eater:


No reservations…do do you think bringing a party of 5 there on Sat night is gonna turn into a serious waiting issue?
We need 8 PM but can go at 7-7:30 to wait for a table

don’t know about ayara luk,
but if you arrive at Ayara Thai Cuisine on a saturday night, you will definitely be looking at waiting time.

also, there is no comfortable place to spend the waiting time either–you will most likely be standing on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

Thanks - I think I will do Sat somewhere else.
It got written about on Eater recently and likely will be swamped.

This might not work for @CiaoBob but we sometimes beat the crowds by getting takeout from Ayara and heading over to Three Weavers. It’s a great way to nosh before a show at the Forum.


Thanks @Bigmouth!
I am a big fan of Three Weavers as well.


Had lunch at Ayara Luk yesterday and really enjoyed it. The Muay Thai wings were delicious as ever and the spicy basil pork belly was excellent too. Not Thai Town good perhaps, but still a fine choice in the area. Also, the Swiss Chalet decor cracks me up lol.

certainly the price to quantity ratio at natalee thai is FAR better,
but, imho, the flavor profile of the prik king (my favorite thai dish) at ayara thai is superior.
at natalee thai, the dish had a “one note” flavor quality while ayara had more complex seasoning.

nevertheless, i’ll happily return to natalee every time i have tickets to the kirk douglas or culver studios or actors’ gang because it’s plenty good enough, it has a great location, easy parking, and the amount of food they serve for the buck is a great deal.

Hit Ayara Luk for lunch and really enjoyed my Chicken Khao Soi. I would have preferred it (much) spicier but it was still very flavorful and a great choice for a rainy day like today.


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never heard this hype… Araya beverly/crescent? totally hypeless