Bacetti (Echo Park)

Peony: Cute restaurant. Good decoration. Friendly waitress. The food was served fast. I like that they have so many veggie-centered dishes, so great for veggie lovers, I also liked that they cooked the vegetables to an al dente texture. However, while all the veggie dishes were tasty, the main course branzino tonight was not impressive. Overall, I had a wonderful meal, and this restaurant is a better than average neighborhood restaurant.

Warrior: I really liked this restaurant. Things just tasted right to me. My favorite dishes were the verdure (stewed vegetables, of all things), the focaccia, the concia (squash), and the sunchokes. Best of all was the “ristretto” (alcoholic coffee) for dessert. Man, that was delicious, and unexpectedly bright and refreshing. So drinkable. My least favorite dishes were the octopus and branzino. I think more highly of this restaurant than Peony. I would go back as often as they change the menu. I feel Bari is in a similar genre, and I would choose Bacetti over Bari, though I like Bari too. But they’re very close in quality and overall experience, and they both have their charms.


Warrior: I can’t believe we are the only ones to post about this restaurant. Last night’s dinner here was great across the board. I like this restaurant better than any Italian restaurant I’ve been to in LA other than Osteria Mozza, and I would rank it the top restaurant in Echo Park / Los Feliz / Silver Lake.


Agreed - best Italian in LA these days.

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Interesting… Y’all prefer to Mother Wolf or Felix or Rossoblu etc?

@PeonyWarrior, I can only speak personally, and not saying it’s right or universal or anything, but from my biased perspective I categorized Bacetti as another upscale Italian restaurant and for that reason wasn’t super excited.

Will definitely try it now!

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Yes by a landslide to Felix & Rossoblu. Haven’t tried Mother Wolf yet. It works for me in that it does many things well at the same time. Love the space too.

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Warrior: I echo what Caleb says regarding Rossoblu and Felix. I haven’t been to Mother Wolf.

Peony: Here are pictures of the dishes we had at Bacetti this time! Hope you find them useful!


Warrior: 3.9 Warrior Points. Bacetti is a nice neighborhood restaurant that gets my vote for best restaurant in Echo Park. While the pizza is not bad, I would not recommend it to the discriminating folks on this site due to the blah crust. I would recommend the pasta instead—which reminds me of the pasta at Maccheroni Republic (simple, not overcooked)—or, better yet, the focaccia. Bacetti generally does good things with vegetables. Overall, I slightly prefer Rossoblu and Bestia in the same price range and vicinity, but Bacetti is close in quality. There is enough unique about Bacetti that I will continue going there even though I think Mother Wolf and (especially) Osteria Mozza are, overall, superior.

Peony: I had an enjoyable meal tonight. I liked the majority of the dishes tonight, particularly the kampachi, the vegetable gratin, the octopus, and the pizza.

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