Backseat moderators, have at it

I should charge for people to post to this topic, help offset the $30 or whatever that I lose.

Warrior: “The future of food is with scents (mud, bathroom, barnyard, nail salon) and flavorless textures (konjac, gluten). Food must have abrasive and dissonant flavors and textures (unripe banana; budino with fermented fish paste). Food must move beyond “tasting good” and inspire new modes of thinking. In some cases there should be no food at all. In some cases there should be too much food. Food should assume you’ve already been nourished”

PLEASE open a restaurant that serves no food at all. Assume all of your customers have already been nourished…

Can we vote to ban this fool already? This nonsense + basically stating that Kanye’s recent anti-Semitic BS is acceptable because he is who he is due to “science/God” @robert

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I’m sorry, but WHERE did he endorse Kanye’s foolishness? Foodie-centric trolling is, at least, moderately on topic.

Where was he stanning for Nazis? I’m jumping on this because this is not funny on EITHER side. The whole ‘Godwin’s Law’ has more or less been suspended because now, apparently, peole ARE HAPPILY comparing themselves to Hitler, and… well…

If you’re exaggerating, please walk this back. I get emotions get the best of us, but at least THIS part, needs to be considered carefully. If you’re NOT exaggerating, receipts, please, because I try and be a tolerant sort as long as people are civil. But I’ll happily plonk someone into the kill file for “Y’know, Ye had a point…”

Also, again, a reminder. You CAN set any given user to ‘mute’ (no notfications) or ‘ignore’ (that user becomes invisible to you.) If you simply cannot stand someone, you can make them cease to exist on this board so far as you’re concerned.

Way way back in the before times, when the internet was ruled by newsgroups, the ‘kill’ file was where you put a list of addresses that would get filtered out of ones news feed, so the trolls, spammers, etc. couldn’t interupt the conversation. Usually, one doesn’t want to make a big deal of muting a troll. That’s just more attention, so, often, when that ONE USER wrote that ONE LAST THING that just made you throw up your hands, you just replied plonk. The sound of dropping them into the killfile.

The custom is there for its eventual renewal/reuse should any want it.

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Quoted from the majordomo thread:
“I had no interesting thoughts tonight, conquered again by ineluctable modalities of the senses. I am not a hedonist, I’m hedonisted, God/science made me this way. Kanye had no choice either.”

I will certainly mute him/them going forward, but I also believe as of the last couple of months, their comments have been derailing all discussions on purpose.


We are retiring from the site.

I tried to bring some useful information and some interesting and/or funny ideas. I hope someone found some of it interesting and/or entertaining. Peony and I enjoyed writing our posts together.

We’ve taken a lot of abuse on this site. In isolation we didn’t mind but it all piles up. We don’t deserve such vitriol. My post conveyed a sense of sadness I felt for Kanye West for his mental illness. Your post conveys hate.

We will still read the site because you all know a lot about food and have great tastes! Thanks for all your posts.

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When did Peony’s contributions ever garner any criticism? Except for the nonsensical “posted in proxy” comments I didn’t object to anything specifically from Peony so don’t rope someone else into your edgelord bullshit

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Actually, Warrior has of late been posting mostly on-topic stuff about food he actually ate, and my moderation reflects that. He’s not a useless troll like our old pal Aesthete / Gourmand / Micah Zehnder.


Okay, see ya’ next week.


Anyone else 'member the mask mandate being the greatest deprivation of civil liberties since the Japanese internment camps. I 'member.

How many “threat or menace” posts can someone inspire and still get taken seriously?

The folks on this board seem to have such a spirit of generosity. It is the thing that keeps me coming back.

The problem with trolls is that they chip away at this spirit. The benefit of the doubt is exactly that a benefit. When someone continually exploits the kindness/patience/understanding of a community trust erodes, the spirit of generosity slips away and the benefit becomes harder to give out . See: Alex Jones, Kanye, the general polarization of the US.

Being surprised at Warrior’s trolling is like continually putting your hand on a hot stove and then complaining when it burns. Sure, sometimes the posts are sincere and provide decent information but when the trolling goes super-saiyan it’s hard not to see their entire presence on this board as a self-serving endeavor that boils down to a child yelling “Please look at how smart/special/important MY thoughts are.” Yes, we get it. Daddy sees you now.

It is an “objectively” shitty thing to exploit a communities goodwill for your own self-interest. The jokes not funny and it fucks up the fun for everyone who is here to actually connect.


Or maybe they’ll just change their screen name.

Bye @alkie


This. And main character syndrome.

It’s all tiresome. The game isn’t really worth the candle, however many interesting or informative posts there genuinely are, and I personally regret engaging with generosity or in good faith.

Yeah, sometimes, though often there’s trolling, bad faith bs meant to elicit a reaction. The Warrior doth protest too much.


I don’t know why the above quote just tripped my memory but Peonywarrior reminded me of the suspended account Alkiegourmand (well, the Warrior half was reminiscent, anyway). Not trying to beat a dead horse, this has just been bugging me for some time. I try not to dwell on tiresome internet trolls but I remembered this incredibly fatuous post from Alkiegourmand starting:

The three best cuisines are Japanese, French, and Italian. There is a big dropoff
after that. (Sorry, China.)

And there was the Peonywarrior post from a few months ago ranking cuisines that started the exact same way. Throw in a wine habit, annoying hard opinions, weird classist vibes, unhelpful pandemic thoughts, etc. and either this is the same person or a very similar seeming person. Not sure which option is preferable.

EDIT: Good lord, @hungryhungryhippos already called it two comments ago with a subtlety that whooshed past my head. As far as I know, other people noticed the similarities in the past as well. ANYWAY… I’ll try and leave it there so as not to feed the trolls further.


I was not on this board for that era, alkie, but same person huh…

Dtla, delivery, covid skepticism, “vegan” adjacent, fav coffee verve.

Usual Supsects again


It’s an open secret. Awaiting the next iteration of handle in the not so distant future.


Hah, and I thought I was so smart. Thanks for spelling it out!


Compared with the usual troll who’s looking for someplace to be an asshole, I feel like Warrior’s problem is something like Tourette’s. He’s definitely gotten better.

called him out in the lounge

@PeonyWarrior == @Alkiegourmand


I cannot take credit Detective @PorkyBelly broke the story for me!



Ask for receipts and @PorkyBelly delivers.


Damn Porky! Checkmate.