Bacon&Brine in Solvang

I love to take road trips with my dogs along the California coast. This means finding restaurants that have outdoor seating that allow dogs. On this trip, we went up to Cambria, stopping first at Solvang because it’s very dog friendly. We called Bacon&Brine on the way up to see if we could bring dogs onto their patio. They said we could, but they were running out of food. Turns out they serve until they run out, so on busy days like Sunday, they can close early. We ended up going on the way home.

It was Friday and Solvang was busy but parking was still fairly easy. We got seated by a very friendly and helpful hostess who brought over an additional umbrella to provide shade for the dogs.

We got wayyyyy too much food, but that left plenty for leftovers!

We got onion rings that were fried in a very light, slightly sweet batter and a ponzu like sauce.

The onion rings called out for heat, so the waiter brought me this awesome hot sauce that is fermented in house.

The french fries with bacon and cheddar were also very good, but that bacon! It was fantastic!! We had most of it left and made a brunch with it back at home.

Leftovers the next day, covered in duck eggs! I also added some leftover ribeye. #nowaste

My husband got the pulled pork sandwich. All sandwiches come with a side salad, a nod to healthy eating. He thought it was ‘pretty good, not amazing.’ I tasted it and the bbq sauce on it was good, on the sweet side.

I ordered the whole reason we came - the hipster! It was fried chicken on a doughnut bun. I thought it might be a gimmick, but no! It was the bomb! Kinda like the chicken and waffle combo, only with pickles!

The sandwich gets soggy if you don’t start right away, so I ended up eating it with a fork and knife.

We topped off the meal with double espressos.

Willy, the culture vulture got a shot of himself in front of the Solvang theater before we headed home.


I wish I had checked this out before we went on an impromptu trip this weekend. Hopped over to Succulent for breakfast before continuing our trek up to Morro Bay. The biscuits are good, the bacon is fantastic, but the gravy left much to be desired.

Post Script…never mind. Bacon & Brine closed on August 12th per their website.

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Huge bummer!

We just did the trip and drove through Solvang to show to our kid. Looks pretty good but not something i’d go out of my way for, perhaps if we were ever crazy enough to stay in Solvang. In the area with the likes of Industrial Eats, Bell St Farms I am always going to opt for those. (did just that on this trip again). Thanks for posting at least something delicious looking for that town.

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We’ve only stayed once in Solvang, this time, but it is very dog friendly. Almost every hotel allows dogs, whereas only one in Los Alamos does. Solvang also has wine bars that allow dogs in the actual bar - very nice!

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awesome… i’m happy you’re happy… in this area we mainly go to wineries… and they’re all dog and kid friendly.

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I’m one of those weird people that does vacations just for their dogs. After a long trip with the husband, I always feel guilty unless I take my dogs up to Cambria for a few days to run off leash at the reserve there. Of course, we get to do a little wine and food tasting on the way up and down, so it’s a win-win situation. :grinning:


Cambria last Sunday IMG_3883


Great place to be last weekend! Waiting out the heatwave in the cool fog of the central coast! For my dogs, it’s one of the happiest places on earth!




Yes it was glorious 4 days in the fog for us in Los Osos right on the bay. Drove all the way up to ragged point one day