Balconi Coffee (Sawtelle Japantown) Announces Closure

I am devastated. I will miss your coffee, Sato-san.


Damn you covid! They made great coffee

We still have 14 days to enjoy it.

sucks one of my fav shops, love siphon prep

Oh man! I wish them the absolute best, and hope they can reopen somewhere. I loved their almond latte, and it’s the only flavored coffee drink I order regularly.

I’m drinking their coffee as a read this :frowning: that’s a real bummer. I’ve been a fan of his coffee since the old barrington location. I was talking to him the other day and that shop is just not designed to be social distancing friendly, they’ve been doing what they can with take out and selling their beans.

Thanks for the heads up @J_L I’ll be by at least a couple times before they close.


I am so sad.

Their siphon coffee is such a treat, and they’re one of the very few who do it in LA. You may find Ray behind the bar, stoically slinging drinks… but get him started, and you’ll find he is so incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about his craft.

No doubts that he’ll come back better than ever, and for now, I’m really glad we get two more weeks.

Thanks @J_L.


Aaaaaannnd they’re back! At least temporarily in a pop up.


Ps… Any Intel on Hermanito bar?


Yup, thanks. I got that same email from Ray.

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Really nice set up. I got an Ethiopian Siphon brewed. Love the patio. Coffee was great with peach notes




Agree. Nice to see them again on Sawtelle.

That’s great. Happy for them. I would love to enjoy a nice cuppa on a nice, COVID-safe patio.
But, Sawtelle is quite far from me…

Last week for the Parts and Labor Coffee pop-up at Bar Hermanito…

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:sleepy: it was a good location for him, i hope he finds a new permanent location

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Too bad I liked their almond latte but the vibe of the location seemed off and weird to me. I feel like this would do better in a place other than Sawtelle.

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Ray is looking for a brick-and-mortar in West L.A. Stay tuned…

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Looking forward to cows milk and siphon brews again… He does pull one of the better shots of espresso in though - even if I do have to have pay milk in my cortado

Hear hear… I miss the Ehrlenmeyer flasks, Bunsen burners and contraptions. Brings me back to my Organic Chem lab days.

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Good thing they do not use volumetric pipettes. If they are anything like me, it would take a dozen attempts to get that meniscus on the line…

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I miss my Rainin pipettors… #OneMicroliterAtATime