Bara-Chirashi Platinum at Sushi Tsujita (Lunch): A Pictorial Essay


anyone happen to know if they serve this fucking lunch boxey on the weekends too ???

thanks guys.


kevin i thought i might be a special so asked about it before we were seated at he bar and the hostess said that it is a regular menu item for what that’s worth…i do know that the type of seaweed dashi (today was with clam broth) and ingredients in the box supposedly do change based on availability…ours was essentially just like JL’s but the tuna looked pinker and more toro-y, but hard to tell from the pictures etc maybe was similar, just different specific fish…i think ud also like they little cubes of tamogoyaki that are in the box with the other stuff…


JJ, did they have my fucking tamagoyaki that JL pictured above ???

thanks man.

45 bucks per right ??? for the fucking box, not to be confused with t bell’s big box, of course for $5


yes…it’s not huge (like Ken-san’s) but tasty as hell. Our lunches were virtually identical to JL’s glamour shots above.


oh dip, did i have this or taco bell for lunch???


I wonder if they will sell me a few orders of my tamagoyaki to go ???

and any clue if they are open for that lunch special on the weekends ???

these days there’s just no way in fuck’s name that I will be able to get to West LA, Sawtelle specifically, during the lunch hour.


i would just get the bigger pieces to go at kiriko (i like the corner pieces) but if you got the cash im sure they got the tamagoyaki.

i think i did my best to respond to you about the platinum box – it’s not a special, although it is special


JL-san, the brown items in the middle, ni-awabi? Or marinated shitake?


That be Abalone!!! :open_mouth:


Awesome that was my first guess!

Beautiful construction too!


A nice thing about the bowl is that once you order they skewer the shrimp and cook it to order so its nicely warm and not rubbery.

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abalone and bafun uni and my tamogoyaki as part of the 45 meal ???

that may just be a downright bargain …

and that as a sagacious young one once said, ain’t no fucking joke.


the tenderest of abalone too…very nicely done…every ingredient in that box was done just perfectly. I thought 45 smackers was steep until i started eating…

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and you just gave me an idea to hit that fucking shit up for my to go order of my fucking dreams:

a few slabs of my tamagoyaki to go on the road until i reach kiriko to which i’ll order another couple orders plus a fucking blue crab hand roll.

then wash it down with a green tea latte from tomo plus since there’s always room for dessert: a sweet potato and cheese stuffed pretzel followed by a honeymee if i happen to feel decidedly virtuous rather than imminently defeated by the onslaught of gastronomic waistline increasers.


There’s no restaurant more hospitable in my opinion.

Always pure fun


Ruth Reichl had a nice write-up of Sushi Tsujita on her blog today:


Nice break from Westwood village fare today. Presentation not as pretty as J.L’s though… Tasty nonetheless


Interesting cuts on the shrimps in the center. What is the item toward the lower-right just below the uni (4 o’clock position), and is the stuff in the upper left (11 o’clock position) the same thing?


Some sort of Hamaguri-esque clam

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Downgraded to the 30 chirashi for the first time today. Very pleased with it, think that will be my future go to. Don't think the bump up to platy. is worth the 50% increase. Surprised I arrived at this conclusion…


Funny I was there too today and was gong to post that I think they have reintroduced more cheaper rice bowl/chirashi dishes that they used to have before they changed to the more expensive format. Stuff like raw salmon with rice, eel with rice etc.