Bara-Chirashi Platinum at Sushi Tsujita (Lunch): A Pictorial Essay


Boo… thanks to @Sgee for bumping up this thread and making me look at all the glorious pics from @J_L @Sgee and others, I suddenly had a hankering for Sushi Tsujita for lunch today (I wonder why?). :wink:

Bara Chirashi Premium (Tuna, White Fish, Toro, Ikura, Kohada, Eel, Clam, Shrimp) + Soup:

This is, indeed, fabulous cuts of sushi-grade fish for lunch! :slight_smile: The Tuna and White Fish were pristine. I loved the Kohada as well (very fresh, slightly oily (naturally), great depth of flavor).

The Shrimp was butterflied and cleaned (so many “lunch specials” with Shrimp around town seem to be an excuse for a kitchen be lazy and not clean the Shrimp, not so here). Very fresh, and just cooked through, still meaty. :slight_smile:

What makes the Chirashi set so interesting is the textural contrast: The Ikura roe and chopped Cucumber and Masago means you get this pleasing crunch and pop with each bite. So delicious! :blush:

While it wasn’t Otoro, the Toro provided was fatty enough and luscious. I saved that for last. :wink:

Fantastic complementary Green Tea, and as @J_L mentioned, a good Seaweed Dashi Soup.

I think like @Sgee, I could go with the Premium set (mid-tier one at $30 pictured here) and be just fine. But the Platinum JL got is pretty tasty as well. Thanks @J_L for the report. :slight_smile:

Sushi Tsujita
2006 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: (310) 231-1177


Glad you enjoyed your lunch @Chowseeker1999:+1: . Best Chirashi in town!


I wonder what they’d swap in if you said “no bluefin”? Maybe uni? I’ll try to find out on our next trip to L.A.


Nice report @Chowseeker1999, is that unagi i see? Have you tried their sashmi bowl? This place is awesome for lunch, and it’s served 7 fucking days a week. I’ll say it again, i’ll eat this over any poke bowl in the city. Repost from the weekend thread:

Is it considered a bang-bang if you order two lunches at one place? #askingforafriend

h/t to @J_L for giving me an excuse to return to sushi tsujita. Started with the sashimi bowl, platinum edition

Followed by the bara-chirashi, poor man’s edition for dessert



Let me know when that will be.


Fine plumbing fixtures in the WC indeed. AND a money tree for added feng shui!

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Hi @PorkyBelly,

Nice! That’s right, I was trying to remember where I saw another post also about Tsujita with awesome pics (it was yours, in the Weekend thread! LOL :).

Yes they had a bit of unagi, it was tasty. No, I haven’t tried their sashimi bowl yet, that looks amazing! :slight_smile:

And yes, it’s a “bang-bang” if you ordered 2 lunches in one place hahaha. :slight_smile: Did you like the sashimi bowl more, or the chirashi box?

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On that visit i liked the sashimi bowl better, but it’s unfair to compare a platinum sashimi bowl with a poor man’s bara. I guess I’ll just have to go back and try the platinum bara and report back #research


I go most weekends these days to get this. Never had the sashimi bowl yet; maybe today. Do they serve you a bowl of rice with it? If not, is it filling for lunch?


You can’t tell in the picture, but there’s sushi rice underneath the sashimi. It’s as filling as the bara chirashi bowls.


Hopefully, around Christmas. But as my mother-in-law now lives with us (and is very happy so far), I’m not sure if that’ll happen. Next summer for sure.


Excellent. I can then ask Yokoyama-san if he’s got some extra bluefin just sitting around… :slight_smile:


Somehow I don’t think finding the occasion/opportunity to eat good bluefin is a problem for you.

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Went back today to research the platinum bara-chirashi, whilst also doing my part to rid the world’s oceans of those godless stinging machines one uni at a time. #makingamericasafeagain

The platinum bara-chirashi includes tuna, white fish, toro, ikura, kohada, unagi, clam, shrimp, and uni for $45. The platinum sashimi bowl contains tuna, salmon, white fish, unagi, scallop, toro, and uni for $35.

I definitely prefer the sashimi bowl over the bara. I thought the bara had too much going on, it was hard to enjoy a piece of fish, wasabi and rice without getting something else in the bite. Not only that, i would take the salmon and scallop in the sashimi bowl over the kohada and clam in the bara any day. Oh, and the sashimi bowl is also $10 cheaper.

Here’s a side by side:

September 2016 Weekend Rundown

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thank you for making America’s waters safe again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great report. I’ll definitely have to try the Platinum Sashimi Bowl next time. :slight_smile:


Thanks to @PorkyBelly for the recommendation, we stopped by Tsujita Sushi last week to try their Platinum Sashimi Bowl. :slight_smile:

Kaisendon Platinum (Tuna, Salmon, Whitefish, Eel, Scallop, Toro and Uni):

It was excellent! :slight_smile: The cooked Shrimp was sweet and fresh. The Tuna was spot on. The Uni was very fresh and bright, and probably my favorite part was mixing some of that with the plump Rice kernels and Ikura Fish Eggs for some pop. :slight_smile:

The Tamago Egg was OK. Standard Egg omelette-style, lightly sweet.

I’d have to say, I liked the Kaisendon Bowl more than the Chirashi as well, because the sauces and other items get a bit jumbled up in the Chirashi (but it is excellent also).

Loved their complimentary Soup:

King Crab Handroll:

Decided to try their Alaskan King Crab Handroll, since it sounded like a potentially great dish.

It was a disaster. :frowning:

The actual King Crab was OK; not the freshest (and thus, not as inherently sweet as it could be), but fine. But the failure was their Nori. The Seaweed wrapping was soft, almost stale, and you had to chew repeatedly to break off a bite of the Handroll. :slight_frown: This was not even close to the sublime, crisped, crunchy, airy Nori from the Handrolls we’ve had at Mori Sushi.

Even the rice tasted rather uninspired and too acidic.

We’ll definitely be back for more Kaisendons and Chirashi, but will probably skip the Handrolls.

Sushi Tsujita
2006 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: (310) 231-1177


awesome i’m glad you liked it @Chowseeker1999. i really like the marinated scallop they use. too bad about the handroll though.

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So disappointed to hear about the crab. :frowning: Looks divine in the photos…

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Thanks @paranoidgarliclover, @PorkyBelly. :slight_smile:

Yah the Kaisendon was lovely. The King Crab Handroll was very, very sad. It looked pretty amazing when it arrived and we were excited… until we took the first bite. :frowning:


it’s interesting how they’re not consistent with their uni. on this visit i only got one piece, but on this visit i got three. and it looks like @Chowseeker1999 got two?

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