Barcelona in November

No updates to Barcelona recs since 2016. Just seeing if there are any musts. Going to be in Barcelona for about a week. Looking for recs across all price points. inexpensive-$$$. Open to all suggestions! Thanks! Just 3 young adults staying in an airbnb in Exiampe.

Tickets Bar still only accepts res 60 days in advance and they’re booked. You might want to try one of their other places.

Can’t believe it’s been SIX years since we were there!!! Had a fantastic lunch at Paco Meralgo:

Thanks for the recs! Think Tickets a bit out of the price range anyway for the company I am with. Paco Meralgo looks excellent for sure will make it over there!!

I don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding good food :slight_smile:

And don’t miss Mercado de Boqueria on Las Ramblas. There’s food you can eat there as well as take away.

Have a FANTASTIC time!

I’m heading there this week as well. meh for adria

here are some places im’ targeting

Cal Pep
Celler Cal Marino
La Pineda
Paco Meralgo
Cerveceria Catalana
Cal Boter

What does that mean???

Have a great time!

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I mean I’m not interested in the Adria empire restaurants.

You don’t have to have a reason, of course, but I am curious. Maybe you ate at El Bulli and know that nothing else can compare. As I wrote above, the food was great and the atmosphere was fun. Here’s a recent review. I’d go back in a minute.

And we thoroughly enjoyed Paco Meralgo.

IIRC those were the only two meals that we planned ahead from. We were in an apt. so did a good bit of cooking also. And tapas and cava for lunch every day.

ETA: Albert was there that night and was a delight to talk with.

I know all about it yea, i’ve watched every food show ever made including the recent doc on Albert A. It’s interesting and inventive and surely delicious 2 bites and all that… just not for me for some reason. All power to the people who enjoy it but I’m not drawn to it at all, not here not there. It’s art on the plate, often contrived. I crave tradition and culture, not gastro showboating and highly conceptualized food with swirls and dots. I’m my experience it almost always left me feeling unsatisfied. Give me a bustling oldschool place with old guys hanging out. Maybe if i was there and had money to burn i’d have a different perspective, but the infrequent trips to the old world for me draw me to the old world. with respect

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I just skimmed some of your posts and see what you’re saying. There seem to be so many FTC posters who into that ‘precious’ food that I made an assumption. We’re both more like you, I believe. But stumbled into the res and had a blast. We’ve also found as we’ve aged that we simply can’t eat that much. So two or three apps is about a meal for us. Or tapas :slight_smile:

yea i’ll have fun anywhere. that’s my style. but if i’m suggesting places it will be something i’m really into. can’t believe i’m flying out tomorrow! taking my mum for once

I’ve said if I had to pick a city to live forever Barcelona would be high, high on the list. But do beware of pickpockets. Actually we always are and he got both our wallets :frowning: Have an amazing time. xoc

I think they’re afraid of me. We’ve been to Europe including Barcelona maybe 15 times now. Never anything stolen.

Off-topic but he ran up behind us and squirted us with a brown liquid. Said a bird had pooped on us but he’d clean us off. Got both our wallets. And this was on a quiet residential street on our way to Paco Meralgo. We didn’t even know it until we got ready to pay.

wow. impressive. i think i’ll take a decoy wallet this time since we’ll be at all the touristy spots

He didn’t get much as we had little cash and our apt. had internet so we could cancel cards asap. One of our daughters wired us $500 (which isn’t cheap to do btw) and we actually got A credit and debit card…before our Tickets Bar dinner! And advice that we’ll carry to our graves. We have a credit and debit card and about $100 in the safe with our passports. We learned our lesson for sure.

Day 7 still no robbery :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh good. It was only after ‘the event’ that we found out that it’s considered the Pickpocket Capitol of the World. We have altered how/what we do, we just have our backup plan in place. Looking forward to hearing about the FOOD :slight_smile:

Been MIA for this whole discussion! Got back from Barcelona Sunday. What an amazing city with lots of great food. Don’t think i ate anywhere outstanding but had very good food nonetheless. Never once felt unsafe I mean the friends I was with were so paranoid over pickpocketers. Just be aware as in ANY city and you shall survive. Does it happen yes but no need to be so over cautious.

We ADORE Barcelona, the food and everything else. But facts are facts. It has the highest rate of pickpocketing. And we spend time in Rio on the back streets, the industrial areas. So we’re not scaredy-cats. And our experience just changed how we handle our money when we travel everywhere. Not picking (HA!) on BCN :slight_smile: