Bay Cities Market & Deli

I’m surprised there is no seprate thread for them yet. No sandwich for me today but I’m consistently impressed at there selection. I only went in for the empanada shells!image


I’m curious to try the French T55 flour. It’s not something I’ve seen around locally

it’s a phenomenal shop… when we did go i never left without frozen raviolis, fresh mozzarella, the green olives, their eggplant parm and some airy bread


I’ll never say no to smashing a fresh godmother

Speaking of the devil just smashed one!


for me the bread they’re rocking at haute mess is better :slight_smile:

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I don’t disagree with you…but I think I prefer Uncle Paulie’s personally!

oh yea… that one i still need to try. have you had them make you just a mortadella sandwich at OM yet? with that fluffy bread that must be nice

Bay Cities has empanada shells?!? I looked everywhere for them last month and had to settle with puff pastry shells, which did not work well.

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Thank you for referring to that. Love the innards of the Godmother, but the bread is… not as good as the filling…

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They are the La Salteña brand which I think is owned by nestle in South America. edited to add that they have 2 different versions. One for frying and one for baking -it should say on the package. I the past BC has had both and I grabbed with out checking and ended up with ‘para horno’

Are the empanada shells the package that’s the rightmost object in the pic? Just in case I ever get motivated to make them. :slight_smile: (or, knowing me, get motivated to ask partner to make them… heh)

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Yes, thats the one. they are in the back freezers by the premade ravioli’s and such. On a side note I’ve never bought butter there before but they have a great selection and prices was 5$ for 250g (about 1/2lb) of Isigney buerre de baratte

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Uncle Paulies is a must though I think they are temporarily closed.

What sandwiches do you guys recommend at haute mess @skramzlife

Paulie’s opened back up yesterday!


I recommend the Italian as it’s all I’ve had.

My first visit to Paulies wasn’t impressive, but I just got old “fresh” mozzarella for pizza and left. Need to try a sammich

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Try the Italian that’s my fave

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Sorry for the thread drift and thanks for the heads up @butteredwaffles

Went to Paulies today got the Gina! Thinly sliced fatty mortadella went very well with bitter arugula.


@hungryhungryhippos i’ve had the italian and meatball at haute mess both good…but uncle paulie’s better IMO.


Hey what about Potato Chip Deli? I’ve been meaning to ask you about it. Suddenly we have 3 good looking sandwich places around us