Beijing Noodle No. 9

Must have walked by this place dozens of time, but never ate there.

Just saw it on the fried rice episode of Ugly Delicious, David Chang’s Netflix show. He loved it.

Anybody been? Worth checking out next time I’m around?

No, it’s terrible. The statement about Vegas having good Chinese food made me laugh

Agreed. It is awful.

Head to Ping Pang Pong instead.

Not surprising. Ping Pang Pong was the only place I’ve earmarked for Chinese in Vegas. Of course there’s Chengdu Taste and Mian now, but I live in LA so not a priority.

The Chengdu there is inferior compared to the SGV locations

Believe it or not, I had some pretty good food at Red 8 his past weekend. The spicy soft shell crab, snow pea leaves with garlic (off menu - I asked for this) and the crispy pork belly were pretty good. I would go back for the soft shell crab. The Macau black bean rib with noodle was awful lol. The crispy pork belly was tender but got a bit chewy eating one side of the pork. Really odd. The skin was super crispy and the fat was rendered well, I guess crispy skin and rendered fat sort of go hand and hand.

Still prefer Ping Pang Pong but this was a solid option but sort of pricey AF. I think our lunch was $140 for 4 dishes. :joy:.

Ah, the Vegas tax :sweat_smile:

Wynn tax plus Vegas tax :joy: