Bellota - soma

Had a great meal at bellota, highlights were the beef tartare, spanish mackerel, uni croqueta, crab with iberico lardo, and the paella.

Getting a leg up on dinner


Cruda - raw grass-fed beef, lobster alioli, rice puff, harissa

Pulpo - steam octopus, marble potato, celery root

Caballa - poached spanish mackerel, mandarin ‘caviar’, sunchoke

Atun - raw bigeye tuna, caper, lime, nunez de prado

Cangrejo - steam crab salad, iberico lardo, apple & brioche

Croqueta - creamy clam & sea-urchin fritter, pickled ramp, seaweed powder

Tortilla - spanish omelette, potato, onion, rainbow chard, crispy chorizo alioi

Bravas - crisped kennebec potatoes, chipotle bravas salsa, smoky alioli

Canalon - baked shrimp-stuffed pasta, crispy sweetbread, mushroom, honey-sherry salsa

Dungeness crab paella


What did you think of the paella?

We had the pork shoulder paella and it was one my favorite dishes there, but I’m not a paella expert, except I do know that I like tasty rice, esp. when the soccarat is like a freshly made tortilla chip.

Nice meal @PorkyBelly. This was on our list thanks to @ipsedixit, but our trip got cut short. Next time for sure. :slight_smile:

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I thought the rice was firm, well seasoned and with a bit of heat, however the soccarat was only near the edges of the pan, I also didn’t taste any saffron. But topping the rice with the fresh sweet crab meat just took the dish to another level.

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I think it’s the kind of place where you if there wasn’t soccarat all the way across the pan could send it back and they wouldn’t bat an eye.

Even with that big ol’ crab on top?
That would be a very pricey return.

The Absinthe group didn’t get where it is through unhappy customers or shoddy quality control.

Why don’t we have spanish like this in LA??? :confounded:

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What about Ración or Jose Andres’s places?

Nice use of Uni for the creamy inside of the Croqueta.

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Well, it exists in OC. Closer than SF at least if you’re desperate.


Had lunch while getting tires at Costco. Limited mid-afternoon menu.




I thought the red was hot sauce, but they serve the pa amb tomaquet with the tomato on the side.

Looking forward to trying the paella.

That’s surprising, they don’t even serve their jamon iberico de bellota at the bar.

The mid-afternoon menu is a tiny fraction of the regular menu. It looked like the iberico de bellota is hand-sliced, and no one was working that station.

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