Besha Finds Sergio

A major find for Long Beach. Anybody been?


Thanks for the link @Haeldaur.

I’m curious what has happened to each restaurant Sergio has left? LOL :slight_smile:

We’ve had reports from some of our FTC’ers that the original he left (Mariscos Chente) is still good? Was that because his relatives still ran that place?

But what of the next… 3 or 4 locations? Has anyone tried those restaurants post-Sergio?

Perhaps @westsidegal might know?

At some point it feels like we’re following a perpetually moving “pop-up” eatery? :slight_smile:

Sergio has been out of my life since I last visited Coni’ a while back.

I still hit up Mariscos Chente and they are still good but inconsistent in quality, prep and finish time. Marlin, shrimp and pescado tacos are still very good. Pescado Zerandeado was very good when we last ordered it two-three months ago. Cooked shrimp dishes have been somewhat inconsistent. I believe the daughter of one of the women there is now cooking - she is young. I don’t know if anyone else is in the kitchen, but she is the cook when we go.The kitchen can be VERY slow. If they say 30 minutes, you can double the time.


She missed the CHICHARRON DE PESCADO - my favorite dish.

yes, Haeldaur:
several times.

i call before going to make sure sergio is cooking.

So you are making the trek. I hope this is as far as he moves away for your sake. Tell him there’s tons of vacancies in DT Culver City…

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Just clarifying @bulavinaka, are you are talking about the Centinela branch? Or Coni’s?

i don’t believe he could afford DT culver.

The Centinela branch. We still go here because it’s pretty close by. But it is not the same place anymore. The kitchen is very slow in getting orders out. The quality of the shrimp has been inconsistent. We haven’t ordered any raw seafood dishes because of this. But at least they seem to have cut back on the karaoke. Man was it loud (and with all due respect, not pleasant for us to be subject to).

You’re probably right. But given that there are no legit seafood places in or around there (not counting K-Zo), I think he’d make a killing if he opened up somewhere in the general vicinity. From what I recall of his skills and sourcing, he’d be a very welcome familiar face around these parts.


Lonzo’s Bakery has some excellent ceviche and other seafood dishes.

I ordered quite a few items from their Peruvian menu. We found Lonzo’s to be extremely disappointing. We gave it another try and the results were the same.

Sorry to hear. I’ve enjoyed my visits to Lonzo’s, and liked the ceviches in particular.

i agree with your point, but i don’t know how to print the money that would be required.

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