Best breads in the SF Bay Area

Tartine in SF
Acme, ideally from the San Pablo bakery
Firebrand in Oakland (they just ramped up production, I’m not sure if it’s as consistent)
house-made at Kronnerburger
focaccia at PiQ
Della Fattoria at the Saturday Ferry Plaza farmers market or in Petaluma
Boudin sourdough at Tadich Grill or Sam’s Grill (special bake)

Liguria Bakery’s foccacia


Love the grumpy lady there . She cracks me up . A true icon .

She is the soup man’s ex-wife.


I heard Liguria went downhill, but I’m unlikely to ever get there early enough to check.

It did slip a little . But worth seeing the old oven in the back , the two ladies . Having your focaccia wrapped in paper and tied with string for 5 bucks is worth it .

PiQ has added some very good levain-type breads.

The Firebrand buns used on sausage/hot dog night at the Punchdown were very good.

Firebrand is great, but often when I’ve gone to look for their breads at Whole Foods there’s nothing left but raisin baguette.

I bought a country loaf at Tartine Manufactory the other day. Sign said $10.75. (It’s a three-pound loaf, so cheaper than three one-pound loaves of Acme levain.)

They rang me up and the total was $12.25. What the fuck? SF mandates charge and sales tax on a loaf of bread to go? I wrote to them to complain but have not heard back.

Call California Board of Equalization for improper application of sales tax. There should not be sales tax on food like bread taken home.

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We are fond of basecamp bakery.

Basecamp makes a great wholish grain rye with seeds.

As Kneaded Bakery out of San Leandro makes a good pan d’epi. Can be found in Berkley Bowl. Bought the Miche today to try.

Sister (formerly boot & shoe) makes some decent looking loaves. We’ve bought the bottom ingot shaped one 2x now and really like it. It is a dense sponges bread with a fine crumb. My German husband has declared it “bread” rather than “toast” which is the label he puts on most bread here.