Best Briyani?

So what are your favorites Briyani joints?.

I picked some up from Briyani Kabob House in Ktown yesterday - mediocre. Their Hyderabadi Kachey Chicken Biriyani was too wet from excess amount spice/sauce, Bombay version was better but still just ok.

Back in the day I always enjoyed the mutton biryani at Aladin (Vermont/1st). It’s in a Bengali/Bangladeshi style–very subtly spiced and on the drier side. Haven’t been to Aladin in a few years though.

Compared to my experiences in India, I cannot recommend the biryani from samosa house or bhanu.

I mean does any shop in SoCal serve the hyderabadi style biryani with fried shallots, kafir lime, and that super hot peanut based sauce? Cuz I’ve been looking for that for 5 years now.

My friend is from Hyderabad and hosted a dinner at her place where she had authentic Hyderabadi chicken biryani with all the accompaniments, including the chiles in peanut sauce. It was catered by a place called B3 in Canoga Park. I havent been to the actual restaurant myself but the biryani tray she got was very good.

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re “super hot peanut based sauce” and “chiles in peanut sauce”

Are you referring to mirchi ka salan? It’s a dish in its own right though often served with biryani. It doesn’t have to be super hot; in fact it should be balanced between sour and hot. But a place that provides it is probably doing the Hyderabadi thing pretty well.

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Yes, it was. I’m Punjabi and not that well versed in Hyderabadi food but my friend said it was commonly served with biryani. I’ve had micrhi ka salan prior to that day but never with biryani before.

Mayura at Motor and Venice, culver city adjacent, has kerala state style food dishes as well as some northern dishes next door, and some tamil dishes. so a bit fusion. BUT they have a great kerala style rice dish they call biryani. Nothing like a nice Northern Indian biryani, but very tasty in its own right.

Biryani is made in Kerala as well, but it’s a very different style than what even most North Indians are used to. It’s a lot stickier, is quite spicy and is made with short-grained rice.

Basically, biryani is made everywhere in India where there is a significant Muslim population, which is to say everywhere.

Thanks, just checked yelp, there was picture of the dreaded “Close for Renovation” sign dated late September :grin:

Maybe we should host a FTC event there. :smile: Well, except for the whole “Closed for Renovation” thing. :frowning:

Not briyani, but Famous Tandoori in Limita has good lamb pulau, ihmo. Friday only, gone by 3 PM.

Check out this photo on Yelp
Fall off the bone tender Lamb Shank


That lamb pulao is really good. I call ahead the day before to order it.

That’s too bad… hopefully they will open up soon!

Yes, a closed restaurant might be a bad place for an FTC event. :wink:

We can have an event to celebrate the grand re-opening! :wink:

This used to be an easy one until Zam Zam closed.

I did my ritual monthly check on their facebook/instagram. No news in several months (when they said they were opening in a month and were just finalizing all the details.) The waiting (perhaps in vain) continues…

Jasmine’s mutton biryani is pretty good as I recall. Biryani House too. Neither place makes a biryani that melts your soul though. Only Zam Zam did that for me, but you can tell how special a great biryani is because pretty much everyone who’s had a great biryani is pretty damn enthusiastic about the dish.

I haven’t been, but Mezban in Artesia serves Hyderabadi biryani. Its predecessor Shan was quite good in its day.

And a source tells me Paradise has decent Hyderabadi biryani.

Lamb Biriyani

what about this fucking joint ??? passed it by on my way to the fish taco joint and its only served on the weekends.

might be worth a try but i ate too fucking much before.

Only served on weekends is a good fucking sign.

Yup, this Friday it is. Been there a few times a while ago, food is generally good. Friendly guys.