Best Egg Foo Young?

Who in your opinion makes the best Egg Foo Young in SoCal?

And bonus point for a recommendation in SoCal for a St. Paul Sandwich.

Thank you anticipatorily.

Ipse -

Bless you.

I have been looking for this for YEARS.

I love what I think is the “New York Style” - giant deep fried patties with crispy edges, covered with a brown gravy. Hot mustard and a packet of saltines on the side :yum:

I am now by Glendale and? No luck in this area. Green Dragon in Eagle Rock has a EFY lunch special - but not really fried and the gravy is too light. Corn starchy. (I’d almost give in to scrambled eggs if the gravy was right!) But lovely folks and well priced. Just not what I was looking for.

Now Moon, up in Montrose has it as an entree but I have not tried it there yet. But as their giant eggsroll is tasty, it’s worth shot!

I don’t know about best egg foo young in socal, but I’ve always enjoyed the one at Wah’s Golden Hen, on Virgil south of sunset between east weho and ktown. I usually get a pork egg foo young and it comes with that corn-starchy brown gravy.

The family there basically serves all the go to chinese-american classics for cheap ass prices (around 5 bucks for a lunch combo). Reminds me of the one that the chinese restaurant I used to bag take out for in my home town used to make.

Thanks for the rec!

And thanks to the kind folks at yelp, here’s a pic of the egg fu young.

Lunch plate with all four choice: pork fried rice, chow mein, sweet and sour chicken with sauce on side and egg foo young total: $5

Canton City in Montebello.



I could really use a St. Paul fix. Have not had one since I was a grad student in St. Louis. Did not know they made it to the west coast. Those sandwiches tended to show up in the more economically disadvantaged sections of St. Louis. Usually just take out only places behind inch thick plexiglass.

Ha, we used to eat those at a place in Springfield. I think the owners were from St. Louis.

Uncle John’s Cafe in DTLA used to do a St. Paul Sandwich upon request, especially on the days when they offered Egg Foo Young as a daily special (was it Wednesday?, not sure). But ever since the original owners sold the place and the new owners moved the Cafe to its current new location, it hasn’t been offered and the place has steadily moved away from offering OG gringo style Chinese American fast food of all sort of Franken-style iterations.

I mean, for crissake, they do a Cajun style clam bake now …

I don’t know about best, but I like the Egg Foo Young at Pagoda Inn in Porter Ranch. One of the few places that I’ve seen it at in the area.

The egg fu young looks GREAT and yow, that’s a serious dish of pepper oil!

(Now plotting how to wrangle a trip to Montebello…)

I love Egg Foo Youngs as well although lately have been really disillusioned by them. Mostly the flavorless ‘gravy’ most come with. It seemed like everyone was giving up on the dish even though there are some places that have an Egg Foo Young Menu…

Well recently my friend from the LA Conservancy was talking to some fellow members who grew up in the Leimert Park area in the 70s. She was missing old skool chinese food places and they told her about Kims on Crenshaw. She went and loved it! I was skeptical, but had passed the place a lot going to Earls or Taks and it ALWAYS seemed busy. So we went in hopes of getting a genuine fluffy and thick egg foo young with REAL gravy… and that is exactly what we got! Even better than the Egg Foo Youngs at Golden Hen (the most recently ones I had last year), the bean sprouts were still crisp! They were cooked and seasoned, but still had that wonderful POP! Now, they only offer one style of Egg Foo Young, Vegetable. But I would rather have it ‘plain’ than mediocre with bits of whatever meat…

We were pretty happy with the rest of our meal at Kims as well. The Asparagus in the Asparagus Chicken was cooked wonderfully and the Pan Fried Noodles dish reminded me of everything I love about this type of Chinese food. There is someone in the kitchen that really cares (Even the starter of Egg Drop Soup was delightful). Happy to go back anytime…


Wow, that looks like some delicious egg foo young. Will be back in L.A. for most of December and Kim’s is going on my “to try” list :yum:

Got data-mined just by reading this thread. Youtube now suggesting this


I command all thee FTCers to have this song playing in the background as they read every thread on this board.

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That IS the gravy! Woo hoo! And to have the bean sprouts crisp? Yes. YES.

That is far for me but I have great hopes of a daytime road trip and, that fabulous egg fu young. Thank you!

Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything in the valley. It’s always this runny watery flavorless sauce (not thick gravy) with broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts and other kinds of weird stuff. usually patties hard from corn starch.

Yang Chow is the only place I have found a decent rendition in the valley. It is not on the menu, but they will make it for you. I usually get it with shrimp.

Sorry, no photos, it’s been a while.

Now, when I lived in Brentwood, i used to order it delivered from First Szechuan Wok in Westwood. And theirs was good. But that was probably 20 years ago during my stay at home Jabba The Hut years.