Best high end fried chicken - the brentwood

No doubt about it, the fried Jidori Chicken at the Brentwood is off the charts best. Better by far than Bouchon in my opinion. Pair them with the thick onion rings well done and a nice cocktail, and not much can be better. Of course at $33.50 with no sides its not inexpensive. Tack on another $7.50 for the rings. Still less than the Ad Hoc at Bouchon and a much better vibe in the room, again in my opinion.

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I like the late night menu when the Jidori Fried Chicken becomes a Buffalo Chicken Tenders item, at $11. So yummy

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$33. per person? How many pieces?

For that price, I’m hoping you get four fried chickens and a coke.


Love it.

I dont recall the exact piece count but the portion was large.

I asked because Ad Hoc Fried Chicken at Bouchon is $38. for 3 pieces w/plentiful sides. Just curious.

[quote=“Thor, post:1, topic:3559”]
much better vibe
[/quote] Always a good thing. While Bouchon service is efficient, you don’t get the feeling they will remember you. It’s a little bit of “Get them in and get them out.”

We always had good experience with the service at Bouchon (Y + BH) and Ad Hoc (including remembering us after a longer time)- we even got invited to a free dinner at Bouchon when they had a not so great day (without us asking or expecting it)

Don’t get me wrong. It was good service. And in all fairness the times we have gone were Fried Chicken Mondays and Dine/LA. Both very busy times.