Best Kou Shui JI ("Saliva" Chicken)

Gettin’ a craving!
I’ve had multiple renditions of this in the past - but I tend to prefer the ones that have the meat already off the bones… What’re your favorite spots?


It’s probably going to be between Chongqing Special Noodle House and Best Noodle House based on LA FTC reviews. Haven’t had them but let me preface and say I am a Basic Bitch Sichuan Taste but almost all of our esteemed and trustworthy posters have posted about it.

Do a bang bang and report back.

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i enjoyed the one at sichuan impression.


the version at chong qing is complimentary once you order a certain number of entrees. that increases the QPR to infinity trying to divide by zero.

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No that QPR equation doesn’t work, dividing by zero is undefined.

But the one at Chong Qing is pretty good though.

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Chongqing Special Noodle’s is our favorite. Definitely the ultimate value proposition when it come free.

The sign in the front in Chinese says the chicken dish is free with a table of 3 people or more.

that’s what it was.

Hop Woo has the best Kou Shui Ji I’ve ever had in LA. It’s very authentic, similar to the ones I had in Chengdu.

Hop Woo had the best kou shuo ji but I think the chef left so everything just slid down the proverbial hill. I have not tried the food there recently. The sauce at Hop Woo and Sichuan Impression are made of a black soy sauce with sugar, garlic and chilli. Chong Ching has a chilli sauce with numbing peppers in it and lots of bones and splinters as you dig down. Chong Ching and Sichuan Impression are the two best right now. Best noodle house had a vacation back to China and one of the chefs did not return. The ala carte menu of non noodles dishes is gone with the chef and the saliva chicken isn’t as good as before.

I have been wondering about the Sichuan “Special” Menu and dishes at Hop Woo - the big sign advertising Sichuan food was taken down, so I have assumed that the project failed and the chef bolted. Has anyone tried their Sichuan stuff lately?

Just tried their Sichuan menu again today. Everything is as good as before. The saliva chicken is still legit!