Best Naejang-tang in K-town (w/ side nigiri musings)

Greetings LA FTCers,

Will be swinging through town on Memorial day w/ the gf (visiting her in Santa Barbara for a weekend of vino debauchery before coming down) and was wondering if anyone is privy to the best naejang-tang (spicy beef intestine stew) in K-town?

Definitely also considering a straight-up K-town bang bang. Could I trouble you for some potential suggestions?

As an aside, being a nigirizushi fan, was also reading up on the Shunji $40 lunch special (not open on Monday, sadly) and Sushi Tsujita’s $18 Bara-Chirashi lunch special (potential good deal) for good eats when I came across this:

Sushi One

Has anyone heard of this place and/or checked out any of the below deals?

$14.95 10 pcs nigiri + miso soup lunch set (+ $5.00 for udon)
$30.95 20 pcs nigiri + salad + udon couple lunch set
$60 general House Omakase

Conveniently located also in K-town…might have to bang this out too.

Any and all thoughts welcome!


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Here is my Sushi One review. I would avoid it. The best deal for Sushi you can get in the K-Town area is Noshi Sushi, which is a dependable neighborhood joint but nothing special. I would have suggested Shibucho, but unfortunately it is also closed on Mondays. Sushi Go 55, in downtown (15-20 minute drive, more with traffic, hopefully not a worry on Memorial Day), is open on Mondays for lunch and have some decent lunch specials, though you’ll want to double check that they’re open on memorial day specifically.

Ah, thank you for the thorough review - def. keeping it mind.

Perhaps prudent to skip the sushi in K-town, then.

Since you’re a K-town resident, what would be your personal recs and/or go-to dishes?

My favorite spot in K-Town is Here’s Looking at You, which unfortunately has nothing to do with Korean food. (They aren’t open for lunch; again check Memorial Day availability). Highly recommended dishes there are Avocado, Market Lettuces, Tartare, Sweetbreads, Frog Legs, Prawns, and Hamachi Collar. That’s probably enough food for 3 people, so you’ll want to narrow that down (but keep the Frog Legs - they are a bit spicy, but really excellent).

I’m not too well-versed on soups/stews in K-Town, but Kobawoo House has some excellent lunch specials (bossam, bulgogi).

Dunno about best, but you should try the naijang tang at Han Bat Sul Lung Tang

Thank you for the dish suggestions - Spicy frog legs sound extra appetizing.

Always hear great things about Hanbat seolleongtang - thank you!

I am a big fan of their boiled beef (suyuk), especially mixed with the radish kimchi and a big dollop of wasabi, followed by big mouthfuls of rice. Yes, I know, I’m a heathen.

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No, that’s how you eat. I want to bathe in a fat bowl of Seo a su yuk (mixed sliced beef tripe, spleen, ox tail, brisket) after spotting it here:
[Shin Chon Seolnongtang]

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Any further suggestions on specific dishes from K-town places?

Excuse me for picking your grey matter.

Need to bang as many as I can - one day in LA after all.

Jun Won’s Black Cod

Soban’s Galbi Jiim

Ham Ji Park’s Pork Ribs

Soowon Galbi for BBQ

Han Bat Sullongtang’s Sullongtang

Jeon Ju’s Bimbimbap

Yu Chun’s Cold Noodle and Hot Beef Broth

Pollo Ala Brasa’s Peruvian Wood Fire Roast Chicken


Yeah that’s hot - thank you.

I think Jun Won’s Black Cod is my favorite dish, or easily my top 3 in Koreatown. So tender and sweet.

Koreatown also has some really cool bars/pubs. Check out The Prince, Dan Sung Sa, HMS Bounty, OB Bear, Toe Bang, Cafe Bleu. I really dig The Prince’s, that red.

Try Sulga Jinju for ox knee cap soup and yam noodles

Yu Chun for Naang Myun

Sun Ha Jang for all things Korean duck, esp Korean duck paella.

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Been eyeing that for sure.

If I can fit them in before take-off, will do.

Got the other two covered, but haven’t heard that doganitang & ma myun are the to-gets at Sulga Jinju?

Will check them out :fork_and_knife:

We had a good time at the cheap sushi spot. Finally dropped in as we were driving by early enough. By 5:30 a line formed


The sashimi boat is always a good choice they also do pretty solid tempura