Best steak/steakhouse in Los Angeles?

What is the best steak dish in Los Angeles in your opinion?

I was looking into trying Gwen but then also heard great things about Osteria Mozza’ filet mignon in brodo (which now looks like it’s off the menu from their site? :frowning: )

Matu - Get the prix fix and enjoy the lovely grass fed new zealend wagyu
Chi Spacca - Can’t go wrong with either of the big boys (Bisteca Fiorentina & Costata all Fiorentina), but bring a couple friends.

My favorite steak in Los Angeles is the flat iron wagyu from Gwen

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I think Cut is the best steakhouse. Great steaks and all different types to try for the table. Cut has the best sides of any traditional steakhouse.


Wasn’t even on my radar until this post; pics look amazing.

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everyone knows the best steak is at the stinking rose


Agree. Matu and Chi Spacca. Stinking Rose is a close third!


I think Cut is the best as well.


I dunno… I haven’t been loving the grass-fed beef at Matu as much on a repeat visit since my initial review. I do like me (hot take alert) some corn-fed beef every now and then.


i tried it and didn’t love it, mainly because i’m not a big filet fan. a filet o fish on the other hand… i’m lovin’ it.




For me, to answer the question, what’s the best steakhouse? you have to first answer the question, what makes the best steak?

For me it’s corn-finished, dry-aged at least 28 days and preferably more, and a ribeye, NY, or porterhouse. I’m inclined to try the Barish as that’s their specialty. I’m sure the steaks at Chi Spacca are great, but there are so many other things.

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interesting! Not on the menu anymore anyway so good to know

They are not. Surprisingly. I love Chi Spacca for just about everything BUT steak. The HUGE Fiorentina (on two occasions) has been a HUGER disappointment - tough and gristly. It looks so good while they are grilling it but its just a good show.
Enjoyed the costata fiorentina at Antico Nuovo much more.
Love the steaks at Charcoal too.
Mastro’s side dishes are not what they used to be but the steak usually is (and the seafood toweris fantastic).
I love cut but haven’t been for years and I have no explanation why not…
I used to love the Dabney Coleman at Tana’s but the last one I had sucked (albiet 10 years ago).


100%. They can’t seem to regulate temp properly. Steak that thick shouldn’t be cooked on high flame the whole time when the temp can’t get hot enough To cook it quickly


My big-time meat-eating parents (and me, TBH) have been so sucked in by the Spacca Fiorentina Show that we made the mistake - after one big disappointment - of doing it again. You are probably right - I am sure it starts as a decent piece of meat that is just not cooked well. It’s also not much meat for the price. Though, after looking at a La Carte prices in Paris (for another thread), it’s starting to look like a fucking bargain.

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I have the Dabney Coleman at DTs probably 5-6 times a year and it’s always great. (As was their smaller Helen NY strip prior to them retiring that option during the pandemic.) It’s gotta be split with a veal parm, so choose your dining partner wisely. I’d put it toward the upper echelon of steaks in LA, but for me, everything at DTs is made better by the environment/vibe so it’s hard to properly judge their food.

I’d put forward the NY strip at South Beverly Grill for contention. It’s a Hillstone and thus part of a chain, but it’s an incredible steak. They also have great bartenders.


Hillstone may be one of the rare exceptions to the rule about chains.

I once by mistake ate at an Outback thinking it was Hillstone. Yikes.

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You could not be more right about the Dabney and Parm split. Cesar spit too. Good news is the Helen is back cuz the Dabney is often too much steak. Hard to beat the steak and parm combo at DT; especially given the healthy pours from the best bar in town.

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Truth. And 100% agreed on the Caesar. It’s my favorite in town by far.