Best Supermarket/Grocery Store Experience

I’ve made it a sort of unusual hobby, to spend a portion of my time on trips to other cities, musing my way through their popular local supermarkets and grocery stores. Even on return visits, some have come up on a list of must go back to.

Now, just in my own experience, nothing I’ve encountered in the States comes on par with the depachika underground food floors of Japan. But there are still some memorable and worthwhile moments I’ve come across. Of note to me, a few of the New Seasons in Portland, locations of Erewhon in Los Angeles… Madison Square Park Eataly, Westside Market, and Garden of Eden, all in New York City… places like that.
Can someone tell me more about Wegman’s why is it, that people praise it so much?

Are there any places, in any city, which you might categorize as an amazing experience, like the ones I mention above? I would love to add your suggestions to my visit list. I’m looking for things like amazing interior design and architecture, a unique sense of space and how it’s laid out, immaculate produce lined up on shelves, glorious cuts of meat, an inviting salad bar, wonderfully packaged lunch salads and entrees…

It might sound stupid to be called a supermarket tourist… but eh, it’s a hobby of mine.