Big B's Texas BBQ

@CeleryVictor I had a terrible experience here. Does that have anything to do with me being their first customer of the day?

Baby Back Ribs
Not a very flavorful rib and decently smokey but man is this dry…

Beef Ribs, Brisket, Tri-Tip

Dry and stringy

This is even worse

Beef ribs are the saving grace here.

The meat is moist and tender but not much flavor.

I had to pack these to go since they’re so dry. SAD!

Wow. Not sure what to say here. We’ve only had the brisket (on two occasions), and it was fine both times – tender and not dry. Your brisket doesn’t look fall-apart tender like ours was (although your tri-tip sure looks tender, with broken-down connective tissue). I hope they didn’t give you leftovers from the night before, which would explain the dryness. That said, BBQ can be very inconsistent, unless you’re Aaron Franklin. I used to point out that I’ve had the best and worst BBQ from the same place, on different days. (That was at Flint’s, Oakland, CA (RIP). )

I hope you have a better experience if you decide to go again. We want to try their smoked meatloaf next time we go, and maybe the tri-tip.

Yes, they were cooked all the way to the point of no return. Keep posting here when you go there again and take more pictures next time! Thanks!

Wow that looks dry and terrible. I had a similar experience once when I went very early to Maple Block. I feel like I’ve cooked enough BBQ to presume that they served you leftovers from the previous day. It’s the only explanation how smoked meat can be that overcooked and dry. I could be wrong but to overcook meat that badly you’d either need to be off by a few hours or a hundred degrees.

What do you guys do when the server walks around and asks you how the food is? I couldn’t bring up the courage to tell them how terrible their BBQ is…


As I get older, I’m much more inclined to speak up when things aren’t to par, especially in a clear-cut situation like this. I used to let a lot more things slide.

I think this is one of the biggest dilemmas we face as people who eat out often. I would probably have not said anything or been too afraid to speak up. But as I’ve gotten older my mindset has changed. If we are spending good money and somebody is asking for an opinion there is a tactful way to tell the owner/server something is not to our liking. Hard to do but I’m getting better at it. It also helps them improve their restaurant for the future.

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That’s how I am unless I’m paying a lot of money for a meal.

I have to be super honest . I’ll tell them terrible or fabulous. I still tip the same.