Birdie G's

Enjoyed a great meal here last night. Burrata and tomato appetizer looked complicated but was delicious and very balanced; highlight of the evening. Crab cake with potatoes o’brien was superb, if maybe a bit undersized for the price. Plate of summer veggies was perfectly cooked and seasoned (not too salty), and I loved the smokey sauce on the side. Kiddo had the sloppy “Jeremy” with beef-strawberry bolognese–it was quite rich but the greens on top helped to brighten up the flavors. And for dessert we went for the strawberry rose petal pie. I agree with some that the flavor is muted, but was nonetheless a nice, light dessert.


Sardinians call those malloreddus. 100% semolina.

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Still absolutely fantastic, and likely one of the best restaurants on the Westside. I was worried that they didn’t make it through, but they did, and are almost better than before.

We had the special - Fried Chicken, easily the most tender, and delicious I’ve eaten - no heavy batter, really light. Also shared their spectacular Kugel, savory and sweet. Matzo Ball soup as spectacular as always.


meh… i dont what to even say about it… just meh. food was well executed but honestly i found it difficult to find items i wanted on dinner menu…

had tatarsky and the chicken… atmosphere was lacking and that’s surprising since i was already sauced and can have fun anywhere… had good company… music was so bad i thought it was ironic but no… i dont know why i wanted more but i did. milkshake dessert at the no atmosphere bar (6 people running around servicing main room and not much of a bar scene on a friday night felt like an airport bar counter) later was best bite definitely. i’m sorry i’m coming off rude about it too because i am actually quite a fan.

food at moqueca next night was significantly more exciting



Too bad you didn’t enjoy your meal. Doesn’t sound like things were cooked badly, just the style didn’t resonate with you? I agree on the bar scene (or lack thereof), especially in the COVID era when people aren’t necessarily in the offices nearby. Might be more lively after work before dinner, but I wouldn’t expect it to be any good further into the evening. It is very much an area that services cocktails to the main restaurant that happens to have seats at the bar. It’s a shame, because I think their cocktails are quite good, especially when they use season fruits or vegetables. I probably would have recommended one of the beef dishes, especially since they do their own dry aging in-house, but it sounds like the dry-aged tartar was disappointing. Also their vegetables, which is really what Jeremy Fox was known for.


I had fun, food was good, Just shouldn’t have expected the world. Mazza was great. I did like the tartar flavor a lot though didn’t necessarily impress me with the presentation . Chicken needed a side. Got a 2nd cornbread. Makes sense regarding veg… the dollop of purée next to chicken was remarkable

It’s just a weird location. We like to go visit the art galleries at bergamot station, especially the black and white nude photographs of indigenous people. But it’s not the location that comes to mind for dinner.

Not a weird location for many, since it’s always completely full and I see walk-ins turned away all the time (I imagine they’re walking over from Bergamot). We go a couple times a month, it’s a favorite.

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We’ve been intending to go back. I see it in our near future. Thanks!

Second visit Wednesday night with a surprise out of town visitor. Last table seated but didn’t feel rushed despite it being a bit of a slow weeknight. Sat at the patio and it’s quite lovely.

Highlights were Beets, Nectarine’s (subbing for plums), Tartare, Mushrooms and Grouper. Lamb was great too. Cornbread was good but just reminded me I need to go back to Hatchet Hall soon, if only for the cornbread. LOL