Birdie G's

Jermey Fox’s latest restaurant, Birdie G’s (named for his daughter and grandmother), is Fox’s take on murican comfort food. The menu is huge and should have something for everybody.

Birdie G’s is located in the self proclaimed “arts district west” and just a few hundred feet from the expo line’s bergamot station. The parking literally stinks here depending on how the wind blows; the restaurant is across the street from santa monica trash collection. If you can’t find parking on michigan ave, try 26th st.

Overall a solid meal with very friendly and attentive service. Willing to go back to try the sweetbreads jocko’s style, lamb, and the wood-grilled chicken.



summer tomatoes & burrata - fermented tomato vinaigrette, basil, capers & cantabrian anchovies
agree with @Omotesando this dish was a highlight, loved the double bang of umami with the anchovies and tomatoes.

sand dabs grenobloise - squash, brown butter, capers, lemon & croutons
generous portion of four filets and pretty good even though only one of the filets was cooked with a crispy crust.

dungeness crab & prawn cake - brentwood corn, creole sauce & scallion
this was delicious and the use of santa barbara spot prawns to give a nice snappy textural contrast was brilliant. the sauce tasted like a dark seafood gumbo and was balanced nicely by the sweet corn. highlight.

spicy tripe stew - pig trotter, crispy pig’s ear, chickpeas, tomato & pecorino
crispy and homey, not bad.

"world famous" rose petal pie - raspberry, strawberry, rose, hibiscus & pretzel crust
this was like a pretty flavorless ambrosia salad, the tastiest thing were the candied rose petals.

gettin jiggy wit it

Birdie G’s
2421 Michigan Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 310-3616


Starting the Andy Gavin plagiarism clock


Hmnn “not bad” – talk about damning with faint praise. :slight_smile:

Glad @PorkyBelly enjoyed the tomatoes and burrata. One of the posters on Yelp said it was “your pretty standard burrata salad with various tomatoes” and that if you didn’t like anchovies because “It’s a very strong flavor,” you could shove them aside. Wow – that’s one of the reasons I never take Yelp reviews seriously and I hope that reviewer is not emblematic of Birdie G’s target audience as the tomato burrata dish will soon be off the menu. Of the various things we tried, that was the only dish that wowed me.

If you go back, please report on the wood grilled chicken. I was debating between that and the sand dabs and because I didn’t like the sand dabs, I ended up with menu chooser’s regret. I’m actually surprised that based on @PorkyBelly’s menu picture, the sand dabs are now on the daily menu (they were a “blue plate” special when I went). Maybe they are for people like the Yelp poster who describes anchovies as “a very strong flavor” and who apparently prefers bland food. None of the sand dabs I had were crispy and to my palate they basically tasted like bland fish with lots of butter.

Finally, based on @PorkyBelly’s description, I’m glad I passed on the

aka world famous rose petal pie. I guess that one is only for the Instagram hordes.

Based on the tomato and burrata dish, Birdie G could be great, but I think I will wait to see how the menu evolves before returning.


Some of my own photos from opening weekend (now updated with descriptions–sorry I’ve been absolutely swamped!)

Gonna be honest: don’t remember what this was

Summer tomatoes and burrata. Absolutely delicious–even the wife, who doesn’t enjoy anchovies (they’re in here somewhere) loved it. I know GQ or Esquire had some article recently decrying burrata-centric dishes, but this was a big winner.

Artizan Matzo! It’s…pretty good? I dunno, it’s still a cracker (though one with a nice covering of butter) at its heart. You also can see the fermented green chili butter for the corn bread

Cast-Iron Cornbread: No issues here; flavorful and well-baked. The butter (pictured above with the matzo) was a good addition.

Wood-Grilled Artichoke with Miso bagna cauda: I’m a sucker for artichoke, and these were properly tasty and I loved the dipping sauce

Kasha cakes: easily the best part was the crackling over the top. Wish it had 10x as much of that.

Gnocchi sardi with pesto: Very solid pesto pasta dish. We learned something new too! Gnocchi sardi is not the same as gnocchi, though I found these a very good vessel for the sauce.

Dungeness crab and prawn cake: This was a big winner with the table. The cake and the sauce worked very well together

Dessert: Rose petal pie and sticky date bundt cake. The pie was gorgeous though I didn’t find it super strong-flavored. Bundt cake, by comparison, was a flavor bomb, with plenty of ice cream to go with it.

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First impressions?

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Hi @bruins - Care to say what the dishes are? :slight_smile:

He/She already said a thousand words :wink:

You mean the photos? :slight_smile:

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Added my descriptions to the photos finally :slight_smile:

Overall impressions: Great selection of pet nats and the enormous space was well-appointed. Bar looked pretty, though we didn’t spend any time at it. Service was pleasant, though pacing of plates could use some work as we had a ton of plates coming at once (keep in mind it was literally first weekend so I’m sure they had stuff to iron out). Happy this exists in the neighborhood.