Blood at Binh Dan in Westminster

Years ago, a friend said to go here since they serve blood sausage. It was difficult to order since most of the menu is not translated into english, but I always managed to order their yummy blood sausage made with rice.

This time, I checked the photos on yelp. They have so much more than I ever knew! This time I went prepared!

Didn’t use the menu at all to order - the waiter just asked what I wanted. I said duck blood salad, blood sausage with pig intestine, the fried rolls (this I ordered off the menu) and goat stew.

We also ordered beers with it.

The waiter or maybe owner asked if I knew how to eat the duck blood salad. When I said no, he replied,‘Are you sure you want to order it?’ I said yes. It was served cold, coagulated, with pieces of ground meat in it. Perfect for warm day with cold beer. Also topped with liver and peanuts.

To eat, you put the cracker in a bowl, top with the fresh herbs, put the blood on it, top with sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

The blood sausage and pork intestine and other stuff came with a delicious dipping sauce that seemed to include blood. They also have a very plain blood terrine that is delicious topped with sliced green onions.

My husband, though not a fan of the duck blood, does always enjoy this blood sausage. I’d never had pork intestine served this way - just boiled. It was good in the dipping sauce, but some pieces were a bit chewy.

I’ve always loved their fried rice paper rolls, but this time they didn’t seem as good as I remembered.

Husband enjoyed and ate all of his goat stew.

We didn’t get to try any of their venison, which they had on photos on on Yelp. The waiter recommended the goat curry and goat bbq for next time.

A woman at the cashier couldn’t believe I was eating the duck blood salad. She seemed to think it repulsive and asked if I really liked it. I did!

I also got looks of approval from a table full of men, all clearly regulars, on the duck blood. A divisive dish!

Cash only!!


To Admin: Can we give Xochitl some sort of badge for this?


I’m blushing…


That is definitely one of the most hardcore dishes in Little Saigon. You definitely earned a badge of honor for this. Not even my Vietnamese-American friends born and raised in OC would eat that.

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I like that duck blood dish, too. I call it duck blood pizza. Though its a little disconcerting when you squeeze that lime juice on top and it looks like your “slice” is actively bleeding.

I hear they do offer a goat blood version, but the duck blood had plenty of funk for me. Don’t need to take the next step.

If you get enough people together, I recommend the full 7 courses of goat. They have some amazing dishes in that line up.


Yah I’m scared looking at that… feels like something out of a Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Xochitl You are a badass! Thanks for introducing me to a dish that I’ve never heard of. It looks fascinating. I wonder if my parents know about it. I’ll have to try it when I’m in the neighborhood next. I do love the blood sausage and the intestine…we ate a lot of that growing up with rice porridge.

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Thanks! I’ve wondered about that multiple course on the menu. Will try!

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Finally, a community that isn’t repulsed by my tastes!! :heart_eyes:

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Would be a great choice for a low key FTC meet up.

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Hats off, that’s seriously hardcore!!!

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