Bluebird Brasserie - disappointing beers

Was excited by the fact they were meant to be brewing Belgian style beers, which I really enjoy and always liked the beers at The Lost Abbey, which had some connection to Pizza Port Brewing. Husband is much more the beer expert. We sampled most of their beers and they lacked in complexity. It is like they hit one note, maybe two, but not the five they are meant to hit. We did enjoy the guest beers they had on tap.

We started with a cheese croquettes. It was not bad, but on the bland side.


I got the curry mussels and fries. I asked for extra chilies, and they loaded it up, which I liked. The fries were great, extra crispy.


Husband got the cheese sandwich, which we both thought would be melted. Husband was very disappointed. Thought it was bland.


Perhaps if you live nearby, this is a place to come to, but it is no destination brewery. I guess I should content myself with being an easy enough distance to The Bruery. And then we saw Petit Trois when we walked over to the showroom we came to visit. Bummer. Oh well.

Cheese sandwiches in Belgian (and many other countries around) tend to be not melted (Something many European tourist in the US are completely confused about and often suspect a way to cover up low quality cheese)

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