Bootleg pizza coming to pico blvd

any good? I see the truck at vons sometimes. Tried to buy some, dude talking about go pre-order online. Must be nice. sign o the times.

I haven’t had it since they were operating out of the commissary kitchen but it was decent back then–thick on the dough. I’d be open to giving it another shot when convenient.


Wasn’t bad but also not dying to go back. Very doughy and some parts were borderline burnt. Would rather have apollonia, prime pizza grandma style, or dtown pizza over their pie in the area.


Joe’s Pizza is there now! YAY!!! I had some and it was delicious. On par with Prime, but not as good as Jon & Vinny to me.

Oh wow! That was fast. I love Joes’s crust! I hope Bootleg pops up elsewhere… But this a great add for the slices!