Brioche Loaves?

Looking for brioche loaves. The kind that come sliced – or can be – for making sandwiches. Any suggestions?

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but Trader Joe’s has them pre-sliced in their bakery section. We toast them up with butter to dip our sous vide eggs in…they’re buttery and a tad sweet.


That sounds promising. To clarify, the loaves are shaped just like any other pre-sliced bread for sandwiches?

Also, which Trader Joe’s do you frequent?

Trader Joes, Ralph’s and Sprouts.

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yes. The slices are of a medium width (sliced slightly thicker than a regular loaf of bread). I believe all TJs carry the brioche. I know I’ve seen it @ Silverlake, 3rd/La Brea and Hollywood.


Bread Lounge.


I’ve tried the Trader’s Joes ones. While cheap, I didn’t think they were very good.

Gelson’s also carries sliced brioche loafs. It’s much pricier (I believe $5 for 5 or so slices) but tastes oh so much better.

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I will also vouch for Trader Joe’s brioche. Buttery, soft and a touch sweet.


+4 on TJ’s brioche. I get it from both the Torrance stores and sometimes they sell out by evening.


Thanks all!

Sadly, Sprouts Westwood no longer carries brioche loaves. They also switched their brioche bun provider and the new ones don’t look as good.

I picked up a loaf from Trader Joe’s last night. Looks good but sliced a little thicker than I was hoping for. Will let you know how it tastes.

Plan to give Gelson’s and Bread Bar a try next.

Aldi has it for $3.99, imported from France.1

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You can now buy La Boulangerie sliced brioche loaf at Costco.

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Oh wow, I had no idea we even had Aldi in Los Angeles.

Tried the Trader Joe’s brioche, but it was just a little too thick for sandwiches. The sweetness from the bread overwhelmed my BLT Egg.

However, the French toast I made with it was fantastic. The sweet on sweet worked great and paired perfectly with a leftover drumstick of fried chicken from Gjusta.

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Aldi’s are in the outlying bits of LA, where the rent is a tad cheaper!

For me, the closest is Alta Dena and I was very surprised at how good their breads looked. Did not see the brioche but will look for it my next visit!

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Not brioche but close and - fabulous. Go to Diamond Bakery on Fairfax and get their square challah, sliced. Perfect for sandwiches and toast, eggy, slightly sweet, light but with substance.

The Ralphs on Third and La Brea used to carry some of the Daimond Bakery baked goods, no idea if that’s still the case.

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how about a nice Challa (sp?)

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Aldi can go to hell. Super King, any market in Ktown, 99 Ranch, Trader Joe’s and Sprouts forever.

Was looking for the buttery flavor of brioche but may give challah a try for change of pace. I’m particularly intrigued by the square challah.

Blackmarket Bakery (Costa Mesa)

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A little research suggests the loaves at Gelson’s are actually from Rockenwagner.

@tailbacku can you confirm?