Burning Man. . .eating and drinking from the cooler

What would you bring to a desert oasis for 4 days of a myriad of Cacophony and other high levels of strangeness?


A bigger tent?

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LOL. .

Are you going to Burning Man?!?!?!? It’s east of Reno so it’s crazy! People selling and buying bikes. The very particular kind of dust. Etc.

If you ARE going there’s a TJs in Reno.

I don’t know if you’ve been before or read about, but the high tech gazillion-aires have descended on it in recent years. Million dollar motorhomes, personal chefs, etc.

I just can’t imagine anything much worse than camping in the Northern NV desert at this time of year. But have fun!


I’m with cath. But people love it, so…

The TJ’s suggestion is a good one - wines crudités, chips, dips, packaged salads/fruits, sandwich fixings, cookies, trail mix (my favorite is the “sweet savory tart” mix).

Have a fun adventure!

A solar shower .


Apps for both UberEats and Postmates.


Funny. . .no one mentioned :beers:, :pill:and :mushroom:

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So ARE you going? BTW there’s a VERY large police presence there.

We must be getting old.

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Being the quintessential Virgo, the thought of dust on my body without a body of water nearby, negated any desire, whatsoever…

Plus, the more I think about it, probably more Dbags than I want to be around…

The tickets go in a heartbeat! And if, by Dbag you mean dirtbags, you clearly haven’t been :slight_smile:

I think he/she might mean douchebags.

I didn’t want to be Debbie Downer @Plumeria. But since you’re not going. I happened upon this piece the same day as I read your post. :grin: Coinkydink


exactly. this is why I’ve never gone—the combination of being outside in the heat, dust and desert for days is really unappealing at this point in my life. plus it has gotten too big, commercial and out of control.

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HA! I bet you’re right. Our son-in-law is the “voice” of the Dirtbag Diaries" so I automatically thought of that.

And, yeah, Burning Man has changed a lot (or so I hear).

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