Cơm gà Hội An (Hoi An chicken rice)

Can someone recommend a place for cơm gà Hội An or Hoi An chicken rice?

quan vy da, the central specialty spot in little saigon has the closest thing. it’s been ages since i’ve had it but it has shredded chicken mixed with thinly sliced onion, rau ram, and simple lime vinaigrette. don’t think they have colored turmeric rice though, otherwise pretty sure it’s cooked same as hainan rice. can’t think of any place in LA or little saigon that claims it as a a specialty.

But thanks for mentioning this, will have to put this on the to make list soon! :smile:


Dong Nguyen.

But I haven’t been there in a long ass time.

Thanks for exposing me to a dish that I’ve never heard of before…my family’s from the South, so everything North of there except for a few dishes is foreign to me. Looking forward to trying it the next time I find myself in the OC.

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Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Oh? Dong Nguyen’s chicken rice is com ga Hoi An dish ipse’s talking about? Same as you, I had it a few years ago when someone on the old board was talking about it. I thought it tasted very much like a Hainan chicken rice. Good to know.

Wrong country.


The ginger fish sauce is a dead give away that this is the Vietnamese take on Hainan Chicken Rice. Isn’t that what the original post was asking for?

Or you mean the shredded version?

Looks similar, but different…


Aww crikey

Hoi An =/= Hai Nam

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Don’t feel too bad :joy:–hoi an was heavily influenced by Chinese traders so it’s the Vietnamese own take on hainan chicken rice. The common representation is shredded chicken salad of sliced onions, rau ram (coriander), green papaya in lime vinaigrette on top of turmeric infused rice.

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So…goi on top of turmeric rice?