Cacuhuate (Peanut) Salsa, where to find?

I have been searching high and low for this oily peanut & chili salsa since I first encoutered it at a taco shop in Puerto Vallarta over a decade ago. Finally found it stateside at Los Mariscos in NYC.

Is anyone familiar with it or knows if its available in LA?


Holbox has a version

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Ah yes, thanks for the Holbox reminder. Need to revisit.

The hotbox stuff is great - but if you are ever in Santa Barbara, a few of the taco shops make a peanut salsa that is spicy - but also so flavorful you can’t stop eating it.

After searching for a recipe for years (and sacrificing many a peanut in the quest) to my surprise, the closest I have fund is a recipe from (couldn’t believe it either) Cooking Light!

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Thanks for the recipe @Happybaker! Yeah I think the version I had at Los Mariscos was more flavorful vs Holbox and more reminiscent of what I had in Puerto Vallarta.

Hope it works for you!

(Boy, now I want to make a batch again.)

Anyway, if you do make it, I’d love to hear your thoughts - and whatever tweaks you add : )